The devastating truth about Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship today

As soon as it became known that Queen Elizabeth II was ill on the morning of September 8, her entire extended family flocked to join her at Balmoral Castle in Scotland and stayed with her until her death later that day. This included everyone from the Queen’s four children to her numerous grandchildren, the best known of whom are arguably the new King Charles III’s two sons: Princes William and Harry.

The two brothers have been embroiled in quite a notable feud for a number of years, which began around 2018 with Harry’s marriage to American actress Meghan Markle (now the Duchess of Sussex) and her official induction into the royal family. Shortly thereafter, however, Harry and Meghan began their widely publicized exit from official royal family duties – a move originally dubbed “Megxit” before the BBC tweaked it to “Sussexit” – and are now residing in the United States. As a result, William and Harry’s relationship ran into major tensions – exacerbated by Harry and Meghan’s partnership with Netflix and their subsequent Oprah interview in March 2021. This most recently culminated at her grandmother’s platinum anniversary in June, during which their relationship was described as “frosty,” according to Page Six.

Now the two brothers have reunited in Balmoral for the first time since the anniversary and – sadly for those hoping for a joyful reunion – it’s pretty clear that the state of their relationship hasn’t exactly healed in the months since.

William and Harry only have a “fractional bond” with each other

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Although the death of Queen Elizabeth II has provided one of the few opportunities for the entire royal family to get together – and maybe fix fences – that’s not exactly what happened. A source close to the royal family told Us Weekly that there was only a “fragmentary engagement between William and Harry” at the castle, and while the brothers may be acting “civil” for the formal occasion, they “have definitely not turn the page”. The source added that the mood at the castle was “somber”. Harry left Balmoral early the next day and is expected to remain in Windsor until the funeral, according to The Guardian.

Although it was originally expected that Meghan would come to Balmoral Castle with her husband, it was later reported that she would not. This is not unusual, however, as William’s wife Kate was also absent. However, a BBC royal correspondent speculated that Meghan “may not have received a particularly warm welcome” and as such may not have been invited (or told to stay behind after the couple’s initial announcement).

Additionally, William and Harry’s relationship was still at “rock bottom” at the time of the anniversary. William was “really, really angry about what his brother did,” a source told the Daily Mail at the time, as he “believes there are some things you just don’t do. And Harry crossed that line 100%.”

William has no intention of having contact with Harry

Since the platinum anniversary, there have been other incidents that may have contributed to the animosity between Prince William and Harry. At the time, another source close to the family told Us Weekly that the brothers’ relationship was “doomed to fail” and “irreparable.” William “don’t know who [Harry] is more,” the source said, “and the trust between them is strained.” They added that the two “will never recover from the damage done.”

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Things weren’t helped by Harry’s announcement of a personal memoir designed to provide a deeper look into the royal family. A source told The UK Sun in early September that the royal family, and William in particular, intended not to see Harry and Meghan until the memoir was released, as William did not trust that any of their conversations would be used in the book. “They’ve lost their chance to be trustworthy as they’re likely to capitalize on any conversation,” Angela Levin, a royal biographer, told the outlet. Of course, nobody could have guessed at the time that they would meet just a few days later to say goodbye to their grandmother.

Things seem less bitter with Harry and his father, however. In his first public address as king, Charles III. on Friday a warm greeting to his son and daughter-in-law. “I want to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives abroad,” he said.