The death of the queen will have a major impact on the production of the crown

The royal family and the rest of the world are mourning the loss of Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Fans of the hit Netflix series The Crown have learned that the death of the revered monarch is likely to affect the production of Season 6 as well.

According to Deadline, showrunner Peter Morgan announced in an email statement that filming on Season 6 of The Crown will be temporarily suspended out of respect. “‘The Crown’ is a declaration of love [Queen Elizabeth] and I have nothing to add for now, just silence and respect,” he shared. A director of the show, Stephen Daldry, also told the outlet in 2016 that there is a plan for the show if and when the Queen dies, including halting production: “It would be right and proper to show respect to the Queen. She’s a global figure and that’s what we should do,” he revealed.

For the past four seasons, The Crown has not only been about the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth, but has also given viewers a deeper insight into the royal family and royal institution of Britain. Season 4, the final season, looks at heir apparent King Charles III and the early years of his marriage to Diana, Princess of Wales. Season 5 of the show was reportedly scheduled for release in November 2022. However, given this sad news of the Queen’s death, it is unclear if this release will also be postponed.

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