The daytime co-host who groomed Sherri Shepherd for her solo talk show debut

Sherri Shepherd has had quite an eventful year. As a guest host on “The Wendy Williams Show” amid Wendy Williams’ various health struggles, Shepherd impressed producers so much that she managed to land her own talk show. The multi-hyphenated entertainer happily shared the news in February. “OMG! I’m so excited to make my dream come true and debut my own talk show ‘Sherri’ in the fall,” Shepherd said in a statement, per Salon. “I can’t wait to return to New York to host the show and bring together everything I love…pop culture, talk, entertainment and comedy. I… look forward to this new journey.”

After posting a sneak peak of Sherri in May, the former The View host has mostly bowed her head to prepare for her debut. But now, ahead of the show’s September 12 premiere date, Shepherd has been on a promotional press tour to pique fan interest. At one of her stops, Shepherd shared the earlier advice given to her by another talk show host who is still helping her today.

Whoop Goldberg told Sherri Shepherd to pass it along.

Sherri Shepherd had to step into Wendy Williams’ footsteps in order for TV producers to recognize her star power. But the Beauty Shop star actually cut her teeth in the stratosphere during the day when she co-hosted The View from 2007 to 2014. Despite Shepherd’s departure from The View, she still has a particularly high opinion of former co-host Whoppi Goldberg, whom she once called her idol.

During an interview with Hollywood Life, Shepherd shared that Goldberg taught her one of her biggest lessons, which is to “pay it up front.” According to Shepherd, she didn’t have a lot of nice clothes when she started The View, which prompted Goldberg to shop with her at Anne Fisher’s. And when she realized she couldn’t pay for the clothes, Shepherd decided she could wear the clothes and then return them, only to be surprised when she got to the counter. “The clerk said when I gave them the card, ‘Ms. Goldberg paid for these clothes.’ I broke down crying and Whoopi gave me a hug and Whoopi said, ‘Keep paying it.'”

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Goldberg isn’t the only former co-host Shepherd is taking advice from. During a sneak peek at an upcoming episode, the Daytime Emmy winner also shared Joy Beyhar’s words of wisdom, saying, “The moment you open your mouth — half the world is going to hate you.” Given the reputation that “The View” has for sparking passionate conversations, Behar’s advice likely comes from personal experience.