The Curse Of Oak Island Season 9 – Here’s what we can tell fans so far

Treasure hunting is one of the great activities that mankind has dreamed up. Treasure hunters search specific locations to find artifacts and the history behind them. The mystique behind the treasure hunt was adapted by History into a 2014 reality TV show called The Curse of Oak Island. The show, which has aired for eight seasons, follows brothers Marty and Rick Lagina as they attempt to unravel Oak Island’s 223-year history. According to History’s official website description, teams of researchers have spent the past two centuries trying to find the treasure buried on the small island of Nova Scotia, but have had no luck. The Lagina brothers, along with technical analysts and researchers, hope to make history by taking viewers on their journey to The Curse of Oak Island.

After eight seasons under their belt, the Oak Island team of treasure hunters, explorers and divers still holds out hope of one day finding the elusive treasure. Though the COVID-19 pandemic may have halted their excavation efforts, viewers eagerly await the next challenges that await the team. Here’s everything we know about Season 9 of The Curse of Oak Island.

When will The Curse of Oak Island season 9 be released?

While History is yet to announce a ninth season of The Curse of Oak Island, that doesn’t mean the show is being canceled. Fans can look back to previous seasons to get an idea of ​​when Pirates of Oak Island will return to TV screens.

According to IMDb, The Curse of Oak Island has steadily increased its episode count each season since it premiered in 2014. Every season, except for the first, has also started in November, meaning the storyline has extended the show for a ninth season, so fans only have to wait a few months to see what the field team is up to.

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Even considering how much resources have been put into the show and the fact that there are still many mysteries to be solved by the Lagina brothers, it seems likely that the show will continue until it exhausts all its possibilities have to find them the money pit.

Who will star in Season 9 of Cursed Oak Island?

“The Curse of Oak Island” wouldn’t be the hit it is without its brave and adventurous cast. Over the past eight seasons, viewers have seen the crew of treasure hunters, divers and explorers form an impressive bond, and can expect to see more of the same familiar faces appear when the show is renewed for a ninth season.

Of course, the show’s masterminds, brothers Rick and Marty Lagina, are expected to return for Season 9. Rick was the one who started the search after reading about Oak Island in Reader’s Digest as a kid, according to History. Marty has also supported the mission and funded the project over the years.

Other cast members also set to return include Alex Lagina, Marty’s son who is also a qualified diver, Dave Blankenship, one of the three permanent residents of Oak Island, and Craig Tester, Marty’s business partner, all of whom have a dedicated biography on the site from History. In addition, research experts such as Dr. Ian Spooner, the wetland geologist, and Gary Drayton, a metal detector specialist, return in Season 9.

Fans are also engrossed in the mystery of The Curse of Oak Island

It should come as no surprise that fans of The Curse of Oak Island want to join in the fun and help the team uncover the mysteries that have plagued them for so long. The research expert Dr. Ian Spooner told the University of Calgary that The Curse of Oak Island has made everyone want to be a treasure hunter. “I get emails every day from people with theories I want the research team to consider,” he shared. “I think that’s one of the most satisfying aspects of this project — emails that say, ‘My dad and I have been interested in Oak Island for the past six years, and here’s what we think…’ It seems, for families to bond over the secret.”

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For Spooner, however, his mission is to help Rick and Marty Lagina find closure since they’ve spent so much time trying to find out the truth. “[The end goal] doesn’t have to be sweetheart, but we’re all striving to understand what really happened on Oak Island 226 years ago,” he said. “I want the brothers to have answers.”