The crash trial of Kobe Bryant boils over with a bizarre outburst in the courtroom

Vanessa Bryant’s privacy invasion trial against Los Angeles County officials began Aug. 10. The lawsuit alleges that members of the sheriff and fire department took unauthorized photos of the disturbing accident scene and maliciously shared them with others, adding to Vanessa’s grief over the loss of husband Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna.

On Aug. 12, pundit and retired LAPD Lieutenant Adam Bercovici provided further insight into this allegedly troubling issue. According to our on-the-spot court reporter, Nicki Swift, Bercovici described how it’s not uncommon for “death books” and “ghoul books” to be shared with vivid photos of police scenes in officers’ locker rooms. Bercovici added a disturbing claim about the officers’ preferences, saying, “The more graphic the better.” Also linked to Kobe’s death was the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson as an example of law enforcement’s exploitation of images.

Understandably, Vanessa was particularly emotional throughout the trial, even breaking down after a witness recalled an insensitive joke about her husband’s remains, according to Nicki Swift’s court correspondent. When bartender Victor Gutierrez was asked if he saw Gianna’s body in the photos, Vanessa couldn’t bear to stay for his answer, according to CNN. As if things weren’t tense enough, on day four of the trial, a witness had a bizarre meltdown while questioning the remains of Kobe and Gianna.

A retired firefighter erupts when asked about Gianna

On August 15, Brian Jordan, now retired firefighter and scene safety officer, took the position. Jordan told the court his job was to “arrive on the ground and identify and mitigate security issues.” According to our Nicki Swift court reporter, Jordan said he took photos of the crash on command. Pressing on the type of photos, he claimed they were “not pictures of people,” adding, “With the images in my head, there were no bodies to take pictures of.” He also claimed with Battling “memory problems,” going so far as to say he didn’t remember being there.

Vanessa Bryant’s attorney, Luis Liu, then asked if Kobe Bryant’s remains were in any of the photos. Jordan snapped his fingers and said, “I need a break.” He quickly stormed out of the courtroom, followed by his attorney. When Jordan came back, he explained, “I had an image in my head that wasn’t pleasant.” He added, “I can think of a lot of things that aren’t pretty,” as Nicki Swift’s court clerk noted.

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Jordan, who became increasingly agitated during the questioning, asked Liu not to delve further into the topic. Liu chimed in and asked Jordan if he photographed Gianna Bryant “in a canyon.” Jordan fired back, “I don’t even know who that is!” Liu then identified Gianna as Vanessa’s daughter. In a seemingly nervous tone, as observed by Nicki Swift’s reporter, Jordan told Vanessa, “Well, I’m sorry for your loss.” Vanessa, dressed in an all-black ensemble, didn’t respond to Jordan.