The country legend who inspired LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes may have made her debut in the music industry with the country cover of Bill Mack’s “Blue,” but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t experimented with other genres. Aside from her other hits in the country genre – “How Do I Live” and “Commitment” – she has also topped the charts with pop classics. Who could forget “Can’t Fight The Moonlight”? In 2020, she released a vocal album, Chant: The Human & the Holy, per Taste of Country.

Because of this, Rimes’ influences varied. In a 2014 interview with The Press-Enterprise, the “I Need You” singer opened up about a number of songs that have had a major impact on her career, including David Gray’s breakthrough hit “Babylon.” “I first heard this song on vacation in Hawaii, probably around 1998-99,” Rimes admitted. “I immediately went to Tower Records and bought his album. That started my obsession with his music. He’s such a talent and an incredible writer.” In 2015, the couple eventually collaborated on Snow In Vegas. Another song that made a big impression on the Grammy Award winner is Bruce Springsteen’s “Secret Garden”. “This song breaks my heart every time I hear it. It’s so beautifully written. I can relate to the text. Don’t we all have a secret garden?” she said.

Of all the legendary acts that influenced the Rimes sound, however, this country music icon seems to have had the biggest impact.

Patsy Cline was a “huge” influence on LeAnn Rimes’ sound

If there’s one singer LeAnn Rimes admires most, it’s the legendary Patsy Cline. Not only is the “One Way Ticket (Because I Can)” hitmaker a fan of her music, Rimes also credits Cline as someone who has had a significant impact on her own career.

“[Patsy Cline] was such a big part of how I created my sound,” she told Kelleigh Bannen in 2021 during a talk about an Essential album special on Apple Music Country (via PopCulture). “From [Cline]really it was about that true, honest, emotional connection and the way she could just take you to a place that you don’t normally go inside yourself when you hear her music.”

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In 2014, Rimes told The Press-Enterprise that Cline’s version of “Crazy” taught Rimes how to convey “real emotion” through her own material, stating that her rendition allowed her “to do everything right with her.” feel and hold on to every word.” The song is so special to Rimes that in 1999 she decided to cover her own version, which she performed at the Billboard Music Awards that same year. On the same album, she also recorded “She’s Got You ‘ and ‘I Fall To Pieces’ covered.

LeAnn Rimes gave an emotional tribute to Patsy Cline at the American Country Awards

To celebrate her career and her impact on the music industry, LeAnn Rimes honored Patsy Cline in the best way possible. At the 2013 American Country Awards, the “Life Goes On” hitmaker presented a medley of Cline’s hits, while behind her on screen was a series of iconic images of the singer. At the end of their stunning set, Rimes immediately burst into tears and received a standing ovation from the arena. “Love you Patsy thank you,” the Powerhouse singer said while choking. Seconds later she turned and saw Cline on the big screen.

During her 2016 tour, Rimes told the crowd at the La Mirada Theater in California that Cline was an artist who “knew how to tell a story and knew how to bring her soul in to it.” Rimes expressed that she always had a “connection” to her music and admitted it was always an honor to be compared to her. At the same show, Rimes performed a medley of Cline’s songs after reflecting on the time paying tribute to her at the 2013 ACAs.