Teresa Giudice doesn’t hold Ramona Singer back for a wedding invitation

Teresa Giudice and Ramona Singer may star in different The Real Housewives franchises, but that doesn’t mean they never get involved in drama together. If you’re a famous reality TV star, chances are there will be a lot of famous faces at your wedding, and in Giudice’s case, one of the more prominent names on reality TV to invite was Singer.

In late May, the outspoken ‘Real Housewives of New York’ star received an invite to Giudice’s big day, and she was so excited that she shared the invite on her Instagram Stories, only later realizing her mistake. According to the Daily Mail, Singer spoke about the snafu with Jeff Lewis on his Sirius XM show, explaining that she only wanted to show the invite because it was so beautiful, without thinking it might not be the best idea. “Oh oh, I made a big faux pas,” she said on air. “It wasn’t on purpose. I’m sorry. I was so excited. I’ve forgotten it. you are a celebrity People will want to know. I didn’t know what I was showing.”

While Singer was slammed online by some of her fellow housewives, her former castmate Dorinda Medley gave her the benefit of the doubt. “Here’s the thing,” she told E! News. “I just think Ramona is so excited and she’s only thinking about the moment and not the consequences.” Medley explained that she saw the video and “just saw the disaster” because it contained the password.

How does the bride herself feel?

Teresa Giudice explains Ramona Singer’s leaked invite fiasco cost her money

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Teresa Giudice isn’t shy about sharing her feelings about Ramona Singer leaking her wedding invitation. According to Page Six, Giudice spoke during an appearance on a panel at the Live! Casino & Hotel in Philadelphia. The reality star said her first thought was, “Are you kidding me?” before opening up about confronting Singer. “I say, ‘Ramona, take my invitation from your story! Why would you do that?’ I’m like, ‘You’re on TV, I’m on TV, why would you do that?’ she told the audience, ‘My husband-to-be has crazy ex-boyfriends are you kidding me?’

While Singer pretty quickly deleted the invite from her Instagram Stories after posting it, that didn’t stop Bravo fans from logging on to Giudice’s wedding website for details about the big day. The ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star explained that Singer’s mistake cost her a lot of money, as she had to send out new invitations with new information and hire more security to make sure fans didn’t try to destroy her wedding.

Despite this, the wedding seemed to go smoothly when Giudice married Luis Ruelas. Melissa Gorga, who has a strained relationship with her sister-in-law, didn’t attend the wedding, but even she couldn’t deny the event went well. “She looked beautiful,” Gorga said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. “And it was a beautiful wedding.”