Tennis icon Margaret Court completely slams Serena Williams

Serena Williams had plenty of famous faces singing her praises after playing her final match at the US Open in New York on September 2, and social media lit up with sweet messages. “Congratulations on a great career @SerenaWilliams!” wrote Michelle Obama on Twitter alongside a video of the tennis superstar. “How lucky we were to see a young girl from Compton grow up to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. I’m proud of you my friend – and I can’t wait to see how your talents continue to transform your life.” Her husband, former President Barack Obama, also shared the praise, tweeting: “Congratulations, Serena, for your heart, skill, intelligence, dedication and grace Few athletes have inspired more people both in their sport and beyond!”

However, they weren’t the only ones. LeBron James spoke about Williams’ legacy by tweeting: “#SerenaWilliams THANK YOU [GOAT]!! You are so freaking DOPE!!” while Tiger Woods wrote on Twitter, “@serenawilliams you are literally the greatest on and off the court. Thank you for inspiring us all to pursue our dreams. I love you little sister!!!!!”

But it turns out not everyone was so keen on praising the tennis legend as she left the game. Margaret Court just totally thrashed her fellow tennis player – and we’re not talking a grand slam here.

Margaret Court doesn’t think Serena Williams respects her

Tennis legend Margaret Court fired some serious shots at Serena Williams in an interview with The Telegraph just days after Williams’ appearance at the US Open. “Serena, I admired her as a player. But I don’t think she ever admired me,” Court shared, questioning William’s ability as she took some time off the game to welcome daughter Olympia. “I came back after two babies. After having the first baby, I won three of the four Slams,” she hit back, noting, “Serena hasn’t won a Slam since [having a baby].” Ouch. She wasn’t done with that, though. Court took aim at Williams again, claiming she didn’t think she spoke enough about her opponent Ajla Tomljanovic after her match, joking, “We were taught to honor our opponent . We respected each other.” As if that wasn’t enough, the record holder of the Australian Grand Slam title took another jab by suggesting that tennis is much easier today than it was in its heyday.

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The court’s comments came a few weeks after Williams announced her decision to retire from tennis. She made the reveal via Vogue, explaining that she realized she had to choose between gaming and spending time with her family, and she chose the latter. She later added via Instagram, “I need to focus on being a mom, pursuing my spiritual goals and finally discovering a different but just plain exciting Serena.”

As for the dish? Well, the ball is with Williams when it comes to a setback.