Tara Reid’s Extensive Plastic Surgery Explained

Tara Reid was the aughts’ “it girl”. She was the archetypal “girl next door” with her bright smile, icy blue eyes, blonde locks and bubbly personality. Then suddenly it wasn’t anymore, after a few cuts with the scalpel. According to IMDb, Reid has been in high demand thanks to box office hits like “American Pie,” “The Big Lebowski,” and “Josie and the Pussycats.” However, extensive cosmetic surgery seriously damaged Reid’s career, drastically affecting her physique and confidence.

Before he went under the knife, Reid had been battling body shamers for years. The actress has been repeatedly criticized for being too skinny and her looks have been consistently scrutinized and commented on. “People always say I don’t eat. i eat all the time They call me incredibly skinny,” Reid told E! News. “You are my friend; everyone knows that I eat more than anyone else. I’m just a skinny girl,” she explained. Reid added, “The body shaming that’s happening right now is on a scale that’s so bad for girls and I really understand that.”

The constant criticism of women’s bodies and appearances is appalling, period. And it’s undoubtedly harder to deal with when you live under the constant glare of the Hollywood spotlight. As reported today, Reid’s problems were compounded during P-Diddy’s 35th birthday party in November 2004 after an agonizing wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet. As the paparazzi cameras clicked away, Reid’s left breast was accidentally exposed, showing off her botched plastic surgery. Almost two decades later, Reid’s extensive cosmetic surgery was declared.

Tara Reid’s body image struggles fueled extreme cosmetic surgery

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Tara Reid explained her extensive cosmetic surgery in an Access Hollywood interview. She admitted the P Diddy birthday party chest flash left her feeling mortified. “It was horrible,” she shared. “I became known for having the ugliest breast in the world. It was all over these websites. Millions of them.” Reid said she had surgery when she was 28 because her breasts were different sizes and “they got saggy, and in Hollywood you have to look great.”

She told Us Weekly that she had asked about breast implants, which were “big Bs.” However, the surgeon “gave me Cs and I didn’t want them.” Reid said she immediately noticed that her nipples were completely misshapen (via ABC News). The surgeon insisted that they would improve over time. But “[everything] got worse and worse,” Reid admitted.

She confessed to Access Hollywood that she also had tummy liposuction. It ended up looking like a horror show too. Reid admitted she didn’t do any preoperative research because numerous people assured her that the surgeon was top notch. “I was embarrassed. I didn’t want people to see what I really look like,” Reid said. “I had to keep it covered.” Things got so bad that Hollywood stopped casting Reid. Eventually, however, she got the botched operation repaired. “I feel like a girl again,” Reid said. “I’m getting out of the shower now and it’s like, wow, I’m back.”

Tara Reid is ready for her big comeback

Tara Reid is still being physically shamed. While the heyday of tabloids is over, it has been replaced by a larger and more ruthless beast – social media. “Nothing better [than] your girlfriend takes hot artistic pictures of you in Palm Springs,” Reid commented on two bikini photos on Instagram. Within minutes, she was inundated with negative comments. “That’s just WRONG. Unhealthy and unattractive,” wrote one member of the body police. “I don’t shame her,” wrote another, who did just that and insisted Reid had to do it.[get] back to a normal, healthy weight!”

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The actor clapped back by posting another bikini pic and some wise advice. “To everyone who wrote something nice and stuck it out for me, I love you guys!” Reid wrote. “And keep spreading that love, it’s the only thing that will save this world.”

“[Bullying] is something that I make very personal,” Reid told E! News. “I’ve had a lot of bullying in my life and I know how that feels and how much it hurts.” In the meantime, although I’ve been working for the last few years on low budget, camp and sometimes unintentionally great films ( Sharknado, anyone?), Reid is gearing up for her comeback at the big box office, and she’s doing it all on her terms. “I finally decided, I’m not going to wait for people to cast me, I’m going to start casting myself,” she told Variety. “I will determine my own destiny, my future.”