Susan Sarandon’s daughter is her twin sister

Earlier in Susan Sarandon’s career, there were people who warned her against having children. “I think it was ‘Don’t have the baby’ like it was going to ruin my career and I was that old anyway,” the “Dead Man Walking” star told Good Housekeeping as he recalled terrible parenting advice (via People). “I had my first baby at 39 and my third at 45 and with each child [people were] like, “Are you crazy? Not!”

Sarandon’s first child was her daughter, Eva Amurri, whom she had with Italian director Franco Amurri. The “Bull Durham” actor went on to have two sons, Jack Robbins and Miles Robbins, with husband Tim Robbins, according to Closer Weekly. With parents who were A-list actors, Sarandon’s children were given an unconventional childhood. Sarandon had a passion for travel and would take her children on trips instead of leaving them at home. “I’ve dragged my kids all over the world,” she recalled to The National in 2021.

Despite the unorthodox upbringing, Amurri looked back fondly on a childhood spent on film sets. “It’s almost like being part of the circus. There’s something really fun and adventurous about it,” she told Today in 2016. In fact, Sarandon’s daughter was inspired by her mother. “I think just being a working mom and showing myself that you can be anything you want to be,” she told Closer Weekly in 2019. An early exposure to Hollywood saw Amurri follow in her mother’s footsteps stepped.

They have worked on several films together

In addition to following Susan Sarandon’s career path in acting, Eva Amurri has appeared in several projects alongside her mother. Amurri bears an uncanny resemblance to her mother, which led to her being cast as the young version of Sarandon in 1995’s Dead Man Walking. In 2002, the couple played an on-screen mother and daughter in The Banger Sisters. They also teamed up for the 2012 Adam Sandler comedy That’s My Boy and appeared together in 2016’s Mothers and Daughters, per IMDb.

Growing up as the daughter of Sarandon had its obvious advantages for Amurri, but there were also disadvantages. She spoke about the double-edged sword early in her career after landing a starring role in Saved!. in 2004. “I realize how lucky I am to have put that leg up, but at the same time there’s a lot of skepticism and a lot of scrutiny,” Amurri told the New York Post after landing the role. It was then that Amurri reflected on the similarities between her and her mother. “We’re both pretty stubborn and I’m not entirely sure, but I hope I’m as compassionate as they are,” the ‘Californication’ actor told the Post.

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Over time, Martino’s career changed and acting took a back seat, but she always appreciated what inspired Sarandon. “I think the biggest lesson was just being allowed to want a lot for yourself professionally as a woman,” she told Yahoo! Finances in 2019. Her mother was instrumental in her both on and off screen.

Why Eva Amurri retired from acting

When Eva Amurri had children, her focus shifted from Hollywood to raising her children, which had long been her goal. “Well, I’ll start by saying that being a mom has always been a top priority for me,” the “Undateable” actress wrote on her blog, Happily Eva After, in 2019 while discussing how she’d spoken out about motherhood, the going back to high school. “I always knew I wanted to do this,” Amurri added.

While Amurri seemingly effortlessly embraced motherhood, Susan Sarandon savored the rewards of becoming a grandmother. “It’s so much easier, so much easier,” the Atlantic City star told Today in 2016. A few years later, Sarandon gushed as she discussed her grandchildren. “They are thriving… They are divine. I love her,” she told Closer Weekly when asked about Amurri’s children.

By 2019, Amurri retired from acting and became a mom blogger, and it seemed like her on-screen career was all but over. “Done with acting,” Amurri told the CT Post at the time. “If at a more realistic stage in life I found something I really love, maybe. Never say never,” she added. Although Amurri jumped at the opportunity to reunite with her mother a few years later, it was announced in 2021 that she would be joining Sarandon in the Fox series Monarch, according to The Hollywood Reporter.