Surya The Soldier Full Movie in Hindi HD 720p Download

Surya The Soldier Full Movie in Hindi HD 720p Download:

Plot: A soldier in the Indian Army named Surya has trouble controlling his wrath and longs to be sent to the LOC. After engaging in a fight at a neighborhood bar, assaulting Inspector Himanshu Negi, and taking his weapon, Surya uses it to kill a terrorist just as the officer approaches to ask Col. Sanjay Shrivastav for the weapon. After being Court Martialed for indiscretion, Surya’s hopes have been dashed. Shrivastav is asked by Surya’s godfather to give him one last opportunity. Shrivastav consents under the condition that Surya obtains the Dean of the Institution of Psychology and Foreign Languages and the top psychologist in the nation, Dr. Rama Krishnam Raju, who also happens to be Surya’s estranged father.

Surya agrees to go across the border in order to achieve his ambition, moving in with Kishore, a passport official who has been waiting for Raju to sign a similar document for a year. Raju and Surya first avoid eye contact, and Raju inquires about Surya’s personal life. Raju learns of Surya’s relationship with Varsha, which he ended when she distanced herself from him after learning about his career and his disdain for her uncle. As a result of his frustration, Surya accuses Raju of taking pleasure in hearing about his mistakes. Raju then informs the entire institution about Surya’s existence.

Raju then issues a challenge to Surya to restrain his rage for three weeks and refrain from picking fights starting the next day. The day before the challenge is about to begin, he does beat up a young gangster as a last battle after the latter caused a disturbance in the middle of the road and was later found to be the son of the infamous mobster Challa. Surya runs across Challa and his men on multiple occasions in the days that follow, but he has learned to restrain his rage and has even adjusted to living in the community.

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However, things change when Surya turns out to be the only eyewitness to Mustafa’s murder at the hands of Challa’s son due to a property dispute. As he absorbs information from society, he remains silent about this. He is also made to feel guilty when Mustafa’s murder investigator, Police Officer Krishna Kumar, refers to him as someone who had a significant influence on the latter’s life.

Surya makes up with Varsha, makes amends with his father, goes back to his family, and appears to have triumphed in the challenge at this time. He publicly apologizes for his error, though, and declines to accept the signature. After fully realizing his mistake, Surya kidnaps Challa’s son and demands that Challa help him find Mustafa’s son Anwar, who has shown his anger for the country for what he thinks to be ignoring his father’s sacrifices and death and has fled his family. Surya worries that Anwar could take the wrong turn, so he and Challa embark on a journey to find Anwar.

When Surya discovers Anwar in Mumbai, he forces him to acknowledge his error and counsels him against choosing the wrong path in life, at which point Anwar demonstrates his love for his country. A few months after receiving Raju’s signature, Surya is seen raising the Indian flag at the border.

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