Stephen Colletti Admits The Infamous Laguna Beach Blowup With Kristin Cavallari In Cabo

Just months after she filed for divorce from Jay Cutler in April 2020, Kristin Cavallari posted a now-viral photo of herself snuggling up with ex-boyfriend Stephen Colletti on Instagram. Despite rampant fan speculation, the August 2020 reunion went nowhere romantically. As Cavallari told Grazia this year, while she and her high school flame still have “a really deep connection and banter,” their relationship is more of a “brother-and-sister” relationship now.

Instead, Colletti and Cavallari are working on something else exciting with their chemistry. In late July, the two Laguna Beach alumni launched their podcast, Back to the Beach With Kristin and Stephen, reminiscing about the good and bad times of filming the hit MTV reality series. Since their once-in-a-lifetime romance was always laced with drama — or at least as portrayed on screen — Colletti and Cavallari had plenty of tea to spill. On the July 19 debut episode of “Back to the Beach,” they recalled the fateful dinner they shared following the James designer’s divorce, per Us Weekly. Revealing that she and Colletti hadn’t seen each other in a decade at this point, Cavallari teased that they “may or may not have kissed,” to which her co-host added a tantalizing “Have we?”

Although we now know the rest of that story, Colletti and Cavallari have many others. Recently, the ex-couple opened up about one of the most iconic moments in “Laguna Beach” history.

Stephen Colletti reflects on the Laguna Beach blunder with grace

Millennial babies familiar with “Laguna Beach” will definitely remember this Cabo moment between Stephen Colletti and Kristin Cavallari. During a group vacation at the resort’s hotspot, Colletti spotted his then-girlfriend dancing on tables — and called her a “slut” on camera. Oops! In “Ep. 105: ‘What Happens in Cabo’ Part 2′ of Back to the Beach With Kristin and Stephen, Colletti finally addressed the infamous incident. Noting that it had not been invented by MTV, Colletti told Cavallari and the audience that he took full responsibility. “You see a very immature little boy overcooking his emotions and not processing them properly mixed with a ton of tequila,” Colletti confessed. Colletti apologized directly to Cavallari, calling it “one of the worst moments of my life.”

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As for Cavallari, it seems she’s put the booze-fuelled feud behind her. As she recalled, the outburst was out of character for Colletti. “Beyond that, you never yelled at me, I never saw you yell at anyone,” Cavallari recalled. The jewelry and homewares designer also reflected on her handling of the situation, saying, “I’m really proud of how I reacted to you…You yelled in my face and called me a bitch and I was just tempted to walk away.”

Though this is one of the less-funny “Laguna Beach” moments the two have shared together, Cavallari previously assured Page Six that she was prepared for the “cringe moments — quite a lot of them.”