Stacey Dash’s belated reaction to DMX’s death sparks a lot of confusion

Stacey Dash is no stranger to the media and has often been the focus of national headlines for numerous reasons. The ‘Clueless’ star has been very open about her political views as a Republican and has never been afraid to make smashing remarks. In 2013, fans were stunned when Dash claimed Jay-Z and Beyoncé played a role in Cuba’s communist government. “Does it interest you that the Jay-Zs took the capital you gave them and funded an oppressive communist regime?” she wrote on Twitter.

The former Fox News contributor also made headlines when she insisted that Black History Month and black community-affiliated networks should be cancelled. “If we don’t want segregation, we need to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards, where you only get credit if you’re black,” Dash said on an episode of Fox & Friends (via E! News).

Let’s also address the time Dash retracted her statements about Donald Trump, despite being very candid about her stance in support of the former president. “Being a supporter of Trump has kind of put me in a box that I don’t belong in,” she told the Daily Mail. “I’m really done.” While her shocking criticism of political affairs has often met with major backlash, Dash has once again found herself at the center of the news cycle — but this time, people are wondering if she’s been living under a rock for the past year.

Stacey Dash had no idea DMX died over a year ago

Stacey Dash shared a teary-eyed video on TikTok in which she claims she had no idea legendary rapper DMX had died. “I am ashamed. I didn’t know DMZ died, I didn’t know from a cocaine overdose,” she said in the minute-long clip. The rapper, who has been dead for more than a year at the time of Dash’s publication, was previously pronounced dead in April 2021 as a result of a cocaine-induced heart attack, according to Vulture. His sudden death sent shockwaves around the world and was heavily reported in the media. However, Dash seems to be the only one who hasn’t been briefed on the news. “I know I’m late, I didn’t know he died,” she wrote in her caption. “He was such a great guy.”

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One commenter wrote, “Is this the Clueless 2 trailer?” Another wrote, “How is that possible?” and a third said, “Do you want to audition for something with this? I would just like an understanding of the meaning of it. Is it Drug Awareness Month? Stay strong girl.”

The “Single Ladies” star also shared in her video that she’s been clean for six years and a month and was overcome by emotions that DMX “lost” to his addiction. During an interview in The Dr. Oz Show” told Dash about her “secret addiction” to Vicodin. Now that Dash is aware of DMX’s death, she uses her platform to warn others about the dangers of addiction.