Speculations are mounting Malia Obama could have a new man in her life

Interest in Malia Obama’s life hasn’t fizzled after she became a civilian in early 2016. In fact, it appears to have increased once former President Barack Obama left the White House as Malia transitioned into adulthood. The Obamas, like most former First Families, keep their personal lives out of the limelight and focus their public appearances primarily on their work. Not surprisingly, the media has done its best to gather information on Malia, keeping up with her public outings and following those she is seen with.

That’s how the public first learned that Malia was dating Rory Farquharson in 2017, shortly after she began attending Harvard that fall. Malia and Farquharson were first linked when they were spotted sharing a hickey during a Harvard Football tailgate in November, TMZ reported. Malia and Farquharson, a British native with some strong connections, were spotted in New York in January 2018, seemingly confirming they were a couple, USA Today noted.

The two continued to be seen together in the years that followed. In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, Farquharson was even quarantined with the Obamas, Barack announced on “The Bill Simmons Podcast” in December 2020 (via New York Post). The timeline of their relationship gets blurred after that – but now a series of recent outings in Los Angeles suggest Malia may have a new love interest in her life.

Malia Obama was hanging out with an unknown man

On Aug. 4, Malia Obama was spotted with a male pal on her way to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, TMZ reported. The two wore rocking matching outfits consisting of light colored tops and teal bottoms with black shoes, showing that they must have quite a similar fashion sense. Obama, who was tapped to work on Donald Glover’s upcoming Amazon series, didn’t hide her big smile as she walked alongside the guy. He was once photographed with his hand on Obama’s back. At another, they had their arms wrapped around each other’s waists.

This isn’t the first time Obama has been spotted with the same man the Daily Mail speculates is Dawit Eklund, a record producer nine years her senior. On August 3, just a day earlier, the pair were photographed holding drinks and takeaway bags, the Daily Mail reported. They again showed off their similar styles by wearing hooded sweatshirts with baggy trousers and Birkenstock sandals. To further fuel the rumor mill, Obama and the man were spotted together in LA the week prior, on July 29. On this occasion, Obama wore a black, long-sleeved sports bra and matching leggings (as pictured above).

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Of course, Obama could just be hanging out with a good friend, as there’s no official word she’s split from Rory Farquharson. However, according to SheKnows, the couple was apparently last seen together in public in November 2021.