Southern charm star Naomie Olindo has just landed in some major legal trouble

Naomie Olindo, a star on the Bravo series Southern Charm, is currently in hot water legally. Following her success in reality TV, Olindo launched her own fashion brand called L’Abeye in 2018. The company has built a loyal following on Instagram over the years, and Olindo frequently promotes the brand through social media. Despite L’Abeye’s success to date, the reality star may have concerns about her business.

According to legal documents obtained by Page Six, Olindo’s former business partner Virginia “Ginny” Cox is suing her for fraud and breach of contract. Cox claimed Olindo approached her when she started L’Abeye and offered a 50 percent stake in the company. They worked together on the brand and were business partners — except Olindo reportedly secretly had a lawyer list her as the “sole member and owner” of the company, even though they agreed to be 50/50 owners.

In a statement to Page Six, Cox’s attorney said: “Ms Cox is only asking about what the couple agreed from the start. She remains confident that Ms. Olindo will do the right thing and recognize her as the owner of the company. Ms. Olindo has consistently done so in the past.” There are several other issues Cox alleges in her lawsuit that would put Olindo in serious legal trouble , if they turned out to be true.

Naomie Olindo’s legal team denies the cheating allegations

Naomie Olindo’s former business partner, Virginia “Ginny” Cox, has officially filed a lawsuit against the “Southern Charm” star, and the claims are serious. According to Cox, Olindo allegedly withheld funds from her and failed to pay her half of the company’s profits. The lawsuit states, “Because Olindo controlled the bank account, the plaintiff did not know how much money Olindo embezzled” (via Page Six). This became a serious problem as the company was reportedly “very successful and profitable” and generated “significant gross revenues and substantial profits.” Now Cox is suing the reality star for breach of contract, dissolution of partnership, fraud and defamation.

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However, Olindo’s lawyer has denied the claims, telling Page Six: “These claims by a disgruntled former employee are false and misleading.

This news is very different from what fans are used to from Olindo, who left Southern Charm in 2020 but returned for Season 8. Most recently, she attended BravoCon 2022 in New York City and announced that she officially has a new boyfriend. per person. She appeared to be in high spirits at the event, based on a post dedicated to her on Instagram. Only time will tell how this lawsuit will be settled – and if Olindo will break her silence on the situation.