Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s love life gets a boost after split from Kody Brown

One thing’s for sure — there’s never a shortage of drama on TLC’s hit show, Sister Wives. According to IMDb, the show has been airing since 2010, and we’ve seen the Brown clan move from Utah to Las Vegas and currently Flagstaff, Arizona, where they plan to build homes on their Coyote Pass property. A lot has changed in the family since moving to Arizona, including Christine and Kody Brown’s relationship.

Fans have seen the pair go through ups and downs over the years, but in November 2021, Christine made the decision to leave Kody. The reality star shared the news with fans on Instagram, explaining that after 25 years together, she’s made the “difficult decision” to leave Kody. She added, “We will continue to be a powerful presence in each other’s lives while raising our beautiful children and supporting our wonderful family.” In return, Kody released his own Instagram statement, writing that “Christine’s decision to leave accompanied by great sadness”. He also said he had “great respect and admiration for her.”

Many aspects of the breakup played out on the TLC series, including when Christine told her sister-wives Robyn Brown, Janelle Brown, and Meri Brown that she had decided to leave Kody and move to Utah to be closer to some of their children . But could there be a new man with a new life in Utah? Christine spills the deets.

Christine Brown is ready to get her feet wet in the dating pool

Now that Sister Wives star Christine Brown is single, she’s ready to mingle. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight on October 19, the reality star gave a glimpse into her life now that she’s no longer an official sister-wife. “I’m single now, right? So I just decide what I want to do and then do it. It was just very, very easy,” she told the outlet of her smooth transition to solo life. “Everything is much simpler, just the planning and everyday life.”

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While Christine says she’s not looking for anything super serious right now, she’s still getting her feet wet and planning. “Not romantic yet, that’s jumping way too fast, but definitely a date,” she revealed. “I just date for fun, keep everything super easy because that’s just who I am at the moment,” added the star. She also shared that she would be filming “Sister Wives” for as long as the show is on, so maybe viewers will be able to catch one of the dates on the air at some point?

Luckily, Christine has been keeping fans updated on her life in Utah after breaking up with Kody Brown, and she still seems to be spending a lot of time with Janelle Brown. On September 9, she shared a photo of herself and Janelle enjoying an outdoor hike, and the two seemed incredibly happy.