Scott Disick holding hands with alleged old flame before his car crash

While headlines have certainly focused on Kourtney Kardashian’s marriage to Travis Barker, her ex Scott Disick has also been dealing with some life changes and transitions. In fact, in April, Disick spoke of losing his friendship with Kardashian when he realized he wasn’t invited to a Kardashian reunion just because Barker would be there. He said (via People), “Losing her as a best friend is going to be a big adjustment. Now we’re really just co-parents. I would say it’s probably one of the harder things in my life.”

Not only that, but it seems like Disick can’t take a break in his love life after Kardashian. His ex, Rebecca Donaldson, pulled the plug on their short-lived romance, per HollywoodLife, simply because she could sense that Disick was still attached to Kardashian, which may have been why his other ex, Sofia Richie, also broke up with him. Well, now it seems like Disick reconnected with another old flame just before his horrific car accident.

Kimberly Stewart and Scott Disick are hanging out again

From what we know about Scott Disick’s scary car accident, it could have been a lot worse than it was, but thankfully, the reality star managed to escape with minor injuries. It doesn’t appear Disick was affected and that the accident may have happened because he was speeding, according to Page Six.

Well, it also looks like Disick was a little busy holding hands with another ex – Kimberly Stewart – before his car crash. Yes, like Rod Stewart’s daughter. They were spotted at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica, California on Sunday, August 21, the Daily Mail reports. Disick and Kimberly apparently go way back when their mother, Alana Stewart, told People in 2015 that they were old friends. She said that both Kimberly and her son Sean “introduced to Scott Kourtney. I was there when it happened so I can tell you they are all great friends. Scott and Kimberly and Sean are great friends and have been for many years and Kimberly and Sean love Kourtney.”

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Well, seeing that Disick could really use a good friend right now, it’s good to have Kimberly by his side – for better or for worse. Whether anything else will develop from their close friendship remains to be seen.