Sarah Paulson’s dream role might not be what you would expect

Sarah Paulson has been a familiar face on television screens since the early ’90s. However, her role in Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Story” helped put the actor’s career in the spotlight. Paulson’s time in the popular anthology has since ended, but she has since appeared in a number of television and film productions. The ‘Ratched’ star – who is known for looking almost unrecognizable on screen – spoke about the importance of acting and its ability to distract others from real issues.

“There’s something noble about artists, and actors put themselves in the personal line of fire,” Paulson said during an appearance on Backstage’s “In The Envelope.” And he added: “Creating these environments and these worlds that people can fall into and then go back to their own lives. It costs something. At least for me.”

And while Paulson is known for portraying more serious characters, she also has her sights set on a less serious performance. The Florida native’s choice for a dream actor role may come as a surprise to some.

Sarah Paulson wants to play a Real Housewives star

Sarah Paulson has made no secret of her love for The Real Housewives franchise. The Golden Globe-winning actress opened up about her admiration for the Bravo reality shows when speaking to Vanity Fair in 2019. “I think the star of the Real Housewives is the franchise itself,” Paulson said when asked if The Real Housewives of New York would survive without Bethenney Frankel. Now, Paulson is redoubling her love for the popular series and has suggested that she would be willing to play a housewife in an acting role.

“I just want to play Vicki,” Paulson said during an appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Andy Cohen Live.” Adding: “Vicki is a very fascinating person to me.” Paulson also joked about how entertaining she found Vicki Gulvanson’s recent adventures alongside Tamra Judge in The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. And while it’s unclear how serious Paulson was about the possible portrayal of a reality star, the actress made it very clear that she was “in it to win it” and watched the entire season of the spinoff show.

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