Sabrina Carpenter has an unexpected connection with Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus and Sabrina Carpenter both launched their entertainment careers on Disney Channel while simultaneously recording music while performing on their respective shows. But the connection between the two cross-generational entertainers runs much deeper than their House of Mouse origin stories.

When Disney Channel stars outgrow their roles, they leave their shows with bragging rights and invaluable showbiz experience. However, her feelings about her time with the children’s entertainment network are mixed. Carpenter’s biggest Disney gig was on Boy Meets World spinoff Girl Meets World, and she told W Magazine she was grateful for the gig. “I was really lucky that I was on a show when I was on a show and I always say that because those years are there for everyone primarily to learn and absorb their surroundings and make mistakes because you can make mistakes without being so harshly criticized,” she said.

Cyrus, on the other hand, had a hard time coming to terms with how fans viewed her after she ditched her blonde “Hannah Montana” wig in 2011. “I had to evolve because Hannah was larger than life, bigger than me . I felt like I would never achieve the success of Hannah Montana,” she told Rolling Stone. But when Cyrus first met Carpenter, it wasn’t the next Hannah Montana during a search to find the next Miley Cyrus.

Sabrina Carpenter Regrets Meeting Miley Cyrus

Sabrina Carpenter credits Miley Cyrus with inspiring her to pursue a career in front of the camera. “When I was 6 years old, I was watching the pilot of ‘Hannah Montana,’ and my queen, Miley Cyrus, was playing and singing,” Carpenter recalled to Teen Vogue, “and I was like, ‘This looks fun. ‘” Carpenter told Access Hollywood that she was such a huge Cyrus fan that she was gifted a paid membership to MileyWorld, the Disney star’s fansite.

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Through the website, Carpenter entered a singing competition called MileyWorld Superstar. She shared videos of herself performing covers of songs, including the Beatles classic “Come Together.” She was only 10 at the time, but beat thousands of other hopes and took third place. “That was the reason I started my YouTube channel, which eventually led me to sign with my label when I was 12,” Carpenter told Access Hollywood.

Although she didn’t win, Carpenter met her idol. She could have peppered the pop star with questions about how to succeed in the entertainment industry, but Carpenter recalled Red Brick, “My mom said, ‘I’ve never heard you say less in your life,’ but she was Hannah Montana and I were in awe.’” However, Carpenter is not speechless when he recalls the encounter. “I was wearing a fedora when I met her and I totally regret it,” she lamented to MTV News UK.

How the MileyWorld Superstar winner feels about Sabrina Carpenter’s success

After the 2010 MileyWorld Superstar contest winner was announced, Sabrina Carpenter didn’t give up on her dream of becoming the next Miley Cyrus. Seeing the value in the knowledge she gained, she told Bucks Happening, “I learned how to perform, I learned how to play and I learned how to feel the music. It also gave me a following, which helped me more than anything else.” The following year, Carpenter landed a small role in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and at age 14 she signed to Disney. The entertainment conglomerate offered her the opportunity to continue following in Cyrus’ footsteps by casting her in 2013’s Girl Meets World.

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The “MileyWorld Superstar” winner, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, was a 16-year-old named Amy Colalella. Like Carpenter, she was a songwriter and sang an original song for her final performance. The winner can now be found on YouTube under her married name, Amy Maggio. She has used her channel to share her experience with MileyWorld SuperStar, revealing that the record deal she was promised never materialized.

In a Q&A, Maggio addressed suggestions that Carpenter was getting the career she should have had. “It wasn’t like she got a deal out of the competition; it was just that her family and she didn’t stop auditioning,” Maggio explained. “I don’t think it has anything to do with that.” She also praised her former competitor, saying, “Sabrina was amazing.”