RHOP grads Monique and Chris Samuels have ended swirling divorce rumors

The Real Housewives of Potomac fans were shocked to hear Monique Samuels and husband Chris Samuels are splitting after 10 years of marriage, but the couple insist the rumors are false. People stated on October 16 that multiple sources confirmed that Monique and Chris were on the way to a divorce. Monique, who joined “The Real Housewives of Potomac” in Season 2, spoke candidly about the struggles in her marriage to Chris, a former NFL player. During Season 5, Monique had a deadline to address rumors about the paternity of her third child with Chris. After Season 5, Monique announced that she was leaving the show as she was “over it”.

Monique and Chris returned to reality television with their show Love & Marriage: DC. The show highlighted the issues they faced in their marriage, such as a lack of intimacy between them, while juggling raising their three children while pursuing careers. Their relationship during their debut season was so rocky that fans thought the two were headed for a divorce, according to Screen Rant. Now, amid rumors of their impending divorce, Monique and Chris are uniting fronts.

Monique and Chris are “absolutely not” getting divorced

Monique and Chris Samuels took to YouTube Live to address the divorce rumors. Admitting that her issues with Chris were apparent during Love & Marriage: DC, Monique shared, “It’s been crazy building up to that 10 year marker of our marriage and when you’ve been married that long and things like that did you say, “Listen, this isn’t being fulfilled or I wasn’t being heard,” you’re getting frustrated… So what you saw last season of Love & Marriage: DC was my cry for help.”

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Monique went on to say that she and Chris have always been “vulnerable” and “real” about their marriage and have publicized that on two reality shows. However, she firmly stated: “Are Chris and I getting divorced? No! We’re not getting divorced. Are Chris and I going our separate ways? Absolutely not.”

The former “RHOP” star previously opened up to ET about her struggles with Chris and how reality TV has actually helped her marriage. “People always say that reality TV destroys your marriage. What people don’t know is that ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ actually saved my marriage in a way.” Monique shared that prior to filming, she and Chris “were in a really difficult place” but doing the show , helped them “date” again. Monique and Chris have always been transparent about their issues and now they are telling the world that despite their issues, they are still together.