RHOBH’s Garcelle Beauvais reaches the breaking point in a cast feud

Sometimes the drama that happens off-screen can raise as many eyebrows as the drama that happens in an episode of The Real Housewives. Sometimes this drama doesn’t even focus on the wives themselves but has to do with their families or other people in their lives. Take Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Garcelle Beauvais, who’s definitely been going through it lately.

It is a well-known law in the code of conduct of housewives never to chase after each other’s children. That’s why Erika Jayne, who drunkenly told Beauvais’ 14-year-old son to “get out of here,” caused so much drama on the show and why she had to apologize the next day. Even then, per Us Weekly, Sutton Stracke still thinks Beauvais is letting Jayne “just get away with it.”

But amid ongoing feuds with her castmates and unsolicited feedback from viewers and haters, Beauvais now seems to have reached her breaking point — despite receiving support from the other women on the show.

Garcelle Beauvais doesn’t play when it comes to her children

In an emotional tweet On August 23, Garcelle Beauvais published the people who are not only after her, but who appear to be after her sons Jax and Jaid. “I’m usually a very strong woman. I was raised to be strong. My life has taught me to be strong, but when it comes to my kids,” she wrote. “It hurts, it doesn’t [okay] I was in tears all night, it’s just a TV show, people yell at your TV, throw something at your TV, but leave our kids alone.”

However, support from her Real Housewives co-stars was swift. “We’re doing a TV show. We’re trying to entertain you — why on earth can’t you treat it like wrestling,” Lisa Rinna wrote in one Instagram story, and continued to shout out messages she’d received about Beauvais’ son, which she described as “disgusting.” Rinna also noted that while Erika Jayne’s son had actually received death threats, Richard’s daughter Portia had faced online hate just like her own children. “All our kids should be taboo so stop now,” she wrote.

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Richards, in her Instagram story, sent the same message. “Alright let’s just get one thing straight, it’s not okay to tease housewives’ kids,” she wrote. Her message ended with a not-so-subtle piece of advice: “Is your life really that empty? If yes, seek help. Shame yourself.”