Relationship Expert Says Travis Scott’s Instagram Posts About Kylie Jenner Reveal His Real Priorities – Exclusive

Mogul Kyle Jenner shares two children with rapper Travis Scott, with whom she has been linked since 2017. While fans are familiar with Jenner and Scott’s daughter Stormi, Jenner still doesn’t have a name for their baby son, but he did previously have one known as Wolf. Jenner posted a sweet tribute to Scott via Instagram on Father’s Day, sharing a photo of him snuggling up in bed with their two children. “Happy Father’s Day Daddyyyyy we love you,” she captioned the cozy shot.

On Father’s Day, Scott also posted an Instagram Story of Jenner in the kitchen. The Kylie Cosmetics founder could be seen cooking with her back to the camera, wearing a tank top and tie-dye sweatpants, on which Scott wrote (via Page Six), “Shawty in here throwing that a** down!!! !” Less than a week later, Scott shared a souvenir photo from his Playboy shoot with Jenner that showed off her bare bottom. The rapper deleted both Instagram Stories shortly after the post, sparking speculation from fans as to what’s really going on with his relationship with Jenner.

So what does Scott’s bewildering social media activity really mean? We spoke to a relationship expert to uncover the artist’s true priorities.

Jenner and Scott’s social media posts couldn’t be more different

Speaking exclusively to Nicki Swift about the significance of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner’s social media posts, relationship expert and life coach Nicole Moore explained, “Kylie and Travis so rarely post about each other on social media that we have to assume they’re deciding to post about the other person is kind of important.”

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Moore told Scott more about Jenner’s Instagram post on Father’s Day, with the relationship expert revealing, “Kylie sees Travis as an amazing father. She sees him with ‘heart eyes’ and wants the world to see him. Kylie shared a photo of Travis lying in bed with her two kids snuggling up to him.” Moore added, “This pic was 100% meant to evoke an ‘Awww Travis is a great dad’ feeling from the viewer. It puts him in the best possible light as there is nothing that makes a man appear better on social media than portraying him as a good father.” But the Love Works Method founder noted that Scott’s Instagram post about Jenner couldn’t be more different.

Moore said, “Let’s compare that to the picture that Travis shared … and that’s a picture of Kylie cooking, showing her from the back and highlighting her prominent bum. His post was clearly about Kylie’s body and bragging about it.” But the relationship expert goes into more detail about what the social media posts say about Jenner and Scott’s priorities.

Jenner and Scott’s priorities are at odds

Love Works Method’s Nicole Moore told Nicki Swift that what Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s social media posts “choose to emphasize about the other person” makes their different perspectives “very clear.” The relationship expert explained that Jenner’s social media post about Scott “shows … that she sees the best in him, she might even feel like she’s seeing the ‘real’ Travis.” Moore added that Jenner’s post “showed that she appreciates Travis for who he is as a person” and “sees him as someone who contributes to the family.” Moore continued, “Kylie decided to highlight Travis as a person, share his character and highlight the very best aspects of him.” But Scott’s social posts are a stark contrast.

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Moore pointed out that in Scott’s Instagram post (and other social posts), the rapper highlighted Jenner’s body and “didn’t reveal anything about her personality, mothering skills, or any other good qualities.” The relationship expert added, “He has chosen to emphasize her sexual attraction, suggesting that he may see her as a point of sexual satisfaction above all other qualities.” Moore explained that Scott’s post about Jenner’s body “says something about where his priorities lie, or at least that he’s not consciously thinking about how to highlight Kylie in the best possible light.”

Moore added, “Travis consciously chooses to cover Kylie’s looks and what she does for him, not her character or other positive traits.”