Priyanka Chopra shares rare glimpse into her daughter with Nick Jonas

Fans of singer Nick Jonas and “Baywatch” star Priyanka Chopra have been on Baby Watch ever since the couple posted their surprise birth announcement to Instagram in January. The only detail the parents shared about their new addition at the time was that a surrogate was carrying their baby, and their request for privacy was a strong indication that photos and updates of their little one would be few and far between.

Chopra is also generally careful about what she shares on social media, telling Vanity Fair, “It’s actually a very vulnerable feeling that when I post a picture, whatever’s behind me in that picture is magnified. and people will speculate.” But there was another possible reason why the baby announcement didn’t include a photo of her and Jonas. On Mother’s Day, Jonas shared an Instagram update with fans that read, in part, “After 100+ days in ICU our little girl is finally home.” His post included a family photo, but his daughter’s face was hidden behind a heart emoji.

TMZ learned that Chopra and Jonas Malti’s daughter’s name is Marie by gaining access to her birth certificate, and the tot’s parting appeared in a birthday tribute to Chopra’s mother. Now the ‘Quantico’ star gives another look at her pride and joy.

The daughter of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra already knows how to dress like a pro

On Aug. 21, Priyanka Chopra shared a sweet Instagram snap of Malti being cuddled by her mom. Malti’s face was turned away from the camera, but she was dressed up for her impromptu photoshoot at the table. Her ruffled white onesie was color coordinated with Chopra’s collared shirt, and a stretchy beige headband adorned her head. She also wore a black cord bracelet around her wrist. Chopra’s post included a second photo of her daughter’s tiny feet pressed against her face. Malti was revealed to be rocking another stylish accessory: a tiny beaded anklet with heart charms. “Love like no other,” read Chopra’s caption.

In July, a source told Hollywood Life that Chopra and Nick Jonas want more of that love in their lives. “Having a big, close family is the most important thing for both of them,” the insider said. Before even meeting her daughter, Chopra confirmed that she would like Malti to have siblings. “I want kids, as many as I can have,” she told the Times in January 2021.

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Luckily, she and Jonas agree when it comes to family size. Ahead of fatherhood, Jonas shared his thoughts on becoming a parent, telling E!, “It’s going to be a beautiful journey and I hope for many.” Seems like Malti would better find a good place to accessorize stow away