Prince Harry’s favorite movie might not be what you think it is

A few years ago, Prince Harry revealed that a certain Disney classic had his heart. However, when it comes to his favorite movie, there’s only one movie that takes the cake. So what is it?

As a refresher, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the premiere for the live-action remake of The Lion King in 2019, while they were still working senior royals. As Harper’s Bazaar noted at the time, the prince made no secret of his love of film. After Meghan revealed he was a superfan, the Duke of Sussex made it clear it went deeper. “Actually, I know everything by heart,” he joked. We’re not shocked that the prince, known for his playful antics from a young age, felt a connection to the story. However, he seemed to think there was something crass about his obsession, pointing out that his intricate knowledge of the script made it “even sadder.” TBH, now that we know Harry can recite “Hakuna Matata” on cue, we’ve never had anything to do with the Prince again.

Despite his undisguised appreciation for The Lion King, that’s not to say Prince Harry would call the beloved classic his all-time favourite. Au contraire, per hello, there’s only one movie he’s seen “every year before the Christmas season.” So what’s at the top of his watch list?

Zulu will always be Prince Harry’s favorite film

The Lion King might not be Prince Harry’s first choice, but it turns out his favorite film of all time – the 1964 epic Zulu – is also set on the African continent. However, unlike The Lion King, Zulu is based on the true story of the 1879 Battle of Rorke’s Drift in present-day South Africa.

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Given Prince Harry’s military background, his interest in the war film shouldn’t come as much of a surprise — and he’s never made a secret of his love for Africa, either. In a speech to the United Nations earlier this year, the Duke of Sussex pointed out that “for most of my life [the continent] was my lifeline.” It is also well documented that he spent part of his gap year in Lesotho, which ultimately led to the creation of his longest-running charity to date, Sentebale. Per, Harry co-founded the charity Prince Seeiso of Lesotho, which aims to support children affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty.

In a gesture that linked both his favorite film and Sentebale, a portion of the proceeds from a 50th-anniversary gala screening of “Zulu” went to the charity in 2014 (via The Telegraph). And as the guest of honor, Prince Harry was not one to pass up the opportunity to see his favorite film on the big screen. In fact, at the screening, he admitted to seeing the film “maybe once, maybe twice” every Christmas (via Hello).

Prince Harry also has a royal connection to the film

Another reason Prince Harry feels connected to ‘Zulu’? He’s in a relationship with one of the film’s actors — who happens to be a prince himself.

According to The Telegraph, King Cetshwayo in “Zulu” was played by none other than his great-grandson, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi. The royal connection did not go unnoticed by any prince. In fact, Buthelezi revealed in an open letter published on Politics Web that they had seen the film side by side. “My greatest pleasure…was reserved for Prince Harry, who I sat next to at the screening,” the king wrote. He also added that they enjoyed the opportunity to chat face-to-face while other guests took their seats. “Over drinks we had a chance to talk about our families and the long friendship I have with HRH Prince Charles,” he wrote. If a family friend doesn’t make one of the top picks in a movie, we don’t know what would!

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Just months before the anniversary screening, Wales Online revealed that Welsh director Gareth Evans had expressed interest in a remake of ‘Zulu’. However, at least as of this writing, a remake has yet to be confirmed. However, something tells us that the youngest child of King Charles III. Don’t hang on the edge of his seat to restart. After all, he already has his hands full watching the original again.