Prince Harry’s arrival in Scotland after the death of the Queen has hit Twitter hard

While Prince Harry was apparently trying to make it to Balmoral Castle in Scotland to bid his grandmother a final farewell, he unfortunately ended up after it was too late. The prince only made it to Aberdeen after the death of Queen Elizabeth and the official announcement, according to TMZ – and his well-wishers on Twitter are taking it hard.

“Very sad for Prince Harry that although he was in the UK he was not able to see his grandmother the Queen before she died,” British journalist Chris Ship tweeted. “They were very close and he spoke to her often despite his decision to leave the royal family.” Another person simply posted a photo of the Duke of Sussex clearly in tears in the back of a car, and written with a heartbroken emoji: “Prince Harry arrives in Aberdeen, Scotland, following the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth”.

Some expressed anger at the royal family for not waiting for Prince Harry to arrive to make the official announcement, such as one person who tweeted, “Prince Harry who wasn’t even in Balmoral before his.” family decided to make the announcement is so evil.” Another person agreed, tweeting, “Can we take a moment to realize that Harry wasn’t even in Balmoral when the announcement was made. The disrespect.”

However, according to the New York Times, the protocol for announcing the Queen’s eventual death was already organized down to the minute. Maybe Harry had nothing to do with it.

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