Piers Morgan doesn’t hold back his disgust at Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is busting the internet again, and Piers Morgan isn’t here for it. The British broadcaster had some choice words for the reality star after she bared her bum in front of the American flag for the latest cover of Interview Magazine. The news shouldn’t come as a surprise to those familiar with the TV personality. Morgan is known for his brash, often reckless comments on current events — and his no-nonsense approach has repeatedly landed him in hot water. While his normally pent-up anger is usually directed at the Duchess of Sussex, this time he has his sights set on American royalty.

Kim posted the September cover of the magazine’s “American Dream Issue” to Instagram earlier this week, and let’s just say her net worth was on full display. The reality star is barely recognizable as she looks over her shoulder in a denim look. Blonde as ever, she looks like she borrowed the bleached brow look that Kendall Jenner debuted at the Met Gala. The star of the show, of course, is Kardashian’s Keister. On the cover, her perfectly fitted butt sits atop a sagging waistband for all to witness – and Morgan laments it as the end of the American dream.

The broadcaster is disgusted by the cover

Piers Morgan is a man of scathing frankness, and his take on Kim Kardashian’s cover is nothing short of a scathing rebuke of everything that made the Keeping up with the Kardashians star famous. As the New York Post wrote, the broadcaster used the reality royal’s rear end to announce the end of the American Dream. The 57-year-old taunted Kardashian for being “barely recognizable through severe and deeply unflattering facial airbrushing” because “her pants were pulled down and her huge and gravity-defying bare bottom burst out of the top.”

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“My first thought upon seeing it was to burst into sneers, which is my usual reaction to anything the Kardashians ever do,” he wrote in the smoldering comment, adding that his second thought was “a real disgust.” “ was. Morgan went on to say that he felt like “puking” after seeing the cover, which he found “terribly offensive and inappropriate.”

The British broadcaster continued its smear campaign against Kardashian – who is worth over $1 billion as a result of her successful shapewear company – by attributing her fame and fortune to the “shameless, cynical exploitation” of her sex life and her “short-lived marriage,” one of the greatest and truly talented music stars in the world.”