Paula Patton faces the heat at the BET Awards over this Zendaya slip-up

Paula Patton was no stranger to online backlash in 2022. The ‘Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol’ star faltered after posting an Instagram how-to video of her making fried chicken in March. After Olympic track and field star Ashley Spencer shared her unimpressed reaction on TikTok, the debate over Patton’s chicken frying process went viral. Some criticized Patton’s superficial cold-water rinse of the chicken. “The chicken isn’t clean,” Spencer mused in her video. Others questioned her unusual method of flavoring her dish. “Paula Patton shook some really unseasoned chicken in a bag of unseasoned flour while smiling,” one Twitter user wrote in disbelief. The discourse even spread to Patton’s multiracial background, with some questioning if her upbringing played a role in her cooking.

Patton, who has been embroiled in yet another public drama over her custody battle with ex Robin Thicke, took the controversy calmly. In an April Instagram video, Patton replied, “This is how we do it,” insisting the chicken was thoroughly washed despite the way “the video is edited.” Debate over Patton’s recipe quickly defused, but the actress may just have been caught in another scandal after her performance at the BET Awards in June.

Paula Patton’s Zendaya misstep

Zendaya fans don’t want this moment on Replay. Paula Patton drew the ire of countless fans of the ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ actor when she mispronounced her name at the 22nd Annual BET Awards on June 26th. Zendaya won HBO Max’s Best Actress award for her role in Euphoria,” Patton said (per the Daily Mail), “And the BET award goes to… ‘Zen-Die-Ah,’ before she quickly got her Corrected mistakes and exclaimed, “Day-Ah!” The actor’s name is actually pronounced Zen-Day-Ah, according to the star herself.

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However, the damage was done in the eyes of Twitter users. “Paula Patton… You had one job and only one job,” snarled one user. “How long has Zendaya been famous and Paula Patton still can’t pronounce her name,” commented another. Unsurprisingly, many were eager to bring up Patton’s earlier controversy. “All right Paula Patton, you’re on strike #2 with the black community. First it was the chicken, now you can’t pronounce Zendaya’s name,” wrote another fan.

However, not everyone jumped on Patton’s shadow bandwagon so quickly. Some Twitter users noted that Zendaya’s correct pronunciation wasn’t as widely known as others claimed. “You don’t come to Paula Patton because you pronounced Zendaya thr [sic] just like you said so,” wrote one such user, noting that Zendaya has been correcting people “every other week for the past 4 years.”