Over 45% of people agree this Euphoria Star is their absolute favorite

Dark teen drama Euphoria focuses on 17-year-old drug addict Rue Bennet and her post-rehab struggle to stay sober. Rue’s fight is made even more difficult by her family’s endless theatrics, not to mention her friends’ breathtakingly tough party lifestyle.

According to Variety, 19 million US viewers have seen the season two premiere so far, making Euphoria the second most popular HBO show in 18 years. But it’s not just fans who love it; critics too. “Euphoria is more than a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s a creative triumph,” NPR gushed. While Rolling Stone praised its authentic portrayal of teenage life, in which “everything that happens to you” feels so much more extreme and amplified.

After winning an Emmy for her portrayal of Rue, Zendaya had an important message for fans. Per the BBC, she vowed there’s “hope in the young people out there,” despite the often somber painting “Euphoria” that conveys teenage life. “I just want to say to all my colleagues out there who work the streets, ‘I see you, I admire you, thank you,'” she concluded. However, not all Zendaya peers share the same level of love and gratitude. An extra claimed the culture on the set of “Euphoria” was “terrible,” and there were even rumors of feuds and tensions between the cast and showrunners, Insider said. But fans can’t get enough of the show’s young cast, and over 45% of people agree this “Euphoria” star is their all-time favorite.

Zendaya is the top choice for Euphoria fans

NickiSwift asked 582 fans, “Who’s your favorite Euphoria star?” And 45% of them chose the same thing. Given that she’s the protagonist of the show, it’s not surprising that 265 respondents chose Zendaya. Playing Rue Bennett requires a whole range of acting skills. Fans cheer for the character through good times and bad – and it has to be said that Season 2 was much more of the latter as Rue’s addiction struggles unfolded.

85 people voted for Alexa Demie, putting her in second place with 14.60% of the vote. Demie’s character, Maddie Perez, has really grown over the two seasons as she gains more confidence and distance from her toxic relationship with cheating Nate Jacobs. Sydney Sweeney scored 13.75% in the poll, with 80 people loving her portrayal of the emotionally fragile Cassie Howard. In fourth place, 63 fans said Hunter Schafer was their favorite, accounting for 10.82% of the total votes. It’s a surprisingly low score. Many critics and media outlets, including Vogue, have hailed Schafer as the show’s “breakout star” thanks to her character Jules Vaughn.

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Jacob Elordi came in fifth with 9.28% of the votes. It’s hardly shocking as Nate Jacobs isn’t the most likeable or likeable character, especially given his appalling treatment of Maddie and his connection with Cassie. With 35 votes, or 6.01%, Maude Apatow, who plays Cassie’s little sister, Lexie Howard, lands at the bottom of the barrel.