One of Pete Davidson’s previously unconfirmed exes opens up about their relationship

Pete Davidson is now dating Kim Kardashian, but he’s had a slew of famous ex-boyfriends in recent years. The comedian dated Larry David’s daughter Cazzie David for two years before the couple called it quits. According to Us Weekly, he immediately began dating Ariana Grande. Grande and Davidson got engaged after dating for just a few weeks, but later ended their relationship before hitting the six-month mark. The comedian then dated Kate Beckinsale, who is 20 years his senior, and model Kaia Gerber, but it didn’t work out. And despite the end of all his previous romances, he seems to get along well with all of his exes.

During a 2020 interview with Charlamagne Tha God, Davidson opened up about his exes. The comedian said, “You become a better version of yourself because you learn from everyone,” he continued. “I’ve been very fortunate to date some really wonderful, beautiful, cool, talented women and that’s coming [tabloid drama]Unfortunately.”

Davidson never seems to escape the paparazzi when he’s dating a new girlfriend. And with each new partner, social media users have something to say and are quick to judge. While it appeared all of his relationships were well known and eventually captured in photos, one of the comedian’s secret exes has now confirmed their romance did indeed happen.

Pete Davidson is dating Olivia O’Brien

Pete Davidson seems to have another famous ex-girlfriend that people didn’t know about until recently. During an episode of Barstool’s “BFFs” podcast, singer Olivia O’Brien made a guest appearance and was asked about her past relationships. According to the podcast hosts, celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi posted on Instagram that she had previously dated Davidson. When asked about her alleged romance with the comedian, O’Brien looked shocked but later explained what really happened between them.

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“I didn’t think anyone knew about it,” she said. “Yes, that’s right. Nice guy. He is hot. He’s really funny. He is really cute. He’s a really sweet guy.” When asked when the romance happened, O’Brien replied, “It was October 2020. It’s been a long time. He texted me and said, ‘I see someone else so I can’t [go out with you anymore].'”

She explained that she only saw him a few times in person, but that they spoke for months before things ended. The girl Davidson was looking at right after O’Brien at the time was Phoebe Dynevor from the hit series Bridgerton. At the time, he told his friends that he was “serious” about her, according to People. The couple dated for five months before going their separate ways. Despite all of his past relationships — including this recently unearthed one with O’Brien — Davidson seems to be fully focused on his serious relationship with Kim Kardashian right now.