Olivia Wilde’s nanny is doubling down with more explosive claims about her Harry Styles affair

Just as the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ cast’s bizarre drama was going out of fashion, Olivia Wilde made headlines again for her affair with Harry Styles. Wilde’s former nanny dropped a bombshell interview in the Daily Mail, blasting the director’s claim that she broke up with Jason Sudeikis in early 2020. The more information on Wilde’s split from Sudeikis, the worse the Booksmart director looks. The former nanny told the Mail that Wilde and the ‘Ted Lasso’ star are making wedding plans in October 2020! But then Sudeikis discovered Wilde was having an affair with Styles after seeing texts on her Apple Watch in early November 2020.

Sharing texts with the Mail, the former nanny told the outlet: “He [Jason] was so heartbroken – I felt for him.” The nanny went on to describe the heartbreak. “He started telling me details [of her relationship with Styles] and he said, ‘She set him in motion. She made the first move on him.'” In previous interviews, Wilde didn’t hold back on rumors that she cheated on Sudeikis with Styles. Harry is completely inaccurate… Our relationship was over long before I met Harry.” Um, no ?

But then Wilde’s nanny doubled down on making even more explosive claims about her affair with Styles.

Nanny Says Olivia Wilde Guided Jason Sudeikis While He Was Dating Harry Styles

Olivia Wilde’s former nanny said the director continued Jason Sudeikis while he was dating Harry Styles. The second bombshell interview later fell in the Daily Mail on October 18. The former nanny told the Mail: “When I saw Olivia holding hands as a couple with Harry on the news [in January 2021], I was shocked when just a month ago when we were in LA she was texting Jason saying she loved him.” The heartbroken Sudeikis shared Wilde’s texts and voicemails with the clerk. “He let me hear the voicemails and the text messages . Then Jason said, ‘She was just here [at the house]and she was naked in the pool and then she slept naked in bed with me.’” The former nanny described a horrific situation for the “Ted Lasso” star.

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The nanny claimed after Wilde dumped Sudeikis on Nov. 8, the “Don’t Worry Darling” director got her fiancé to bomb the former “SNL” actor until the end of December 2020. The nanny told the outlet, “How can maybe she was just in that relationship and now a month later she’s holding hands with someone else in front of everyone?” According to Page Six, Sudeikis didn’t respond to questions about the second bombshell interview and Wilde’s team “declined it refrain from making further comments.” After the first interview, Sudeikis and Wilde denied the former nanny’s claims.

Olivia Wilde gave away a dog to travel with Harry Styles

The former nanny continued to spill tea and claimed Olivia Wilde gave away her dog to follow Harry Styles on tour. The former nanny told the Daily Mail: “After that [Wilde] Left [at the start of November 2020]She came to visit and nonchalantly said, ‘We have to find Gordon a new home.’” The nanny went on, dropping another bombshell about the Booksmart director. “Jason said Olivia only had the dog for appearances anyway. She rarely took care of Gordon or Paco, the dog she previously had. It was me and others who took care of the dogs. I told Jason I knew someone who loved Gordon and would be willing to take him in, so Jason said, ‘Let’s get him out of here right now.'” The nanny said she made it possible for Gordon to live with Wilde’s former dog walker, who lived in New York City.

While Twitter had a big day over Wilde’s special salad dressing recipe, the nanny’s confession about the dog is heartbreaking for many animal lovers. One dog lover tweeted: “Olivia. savages. Has. their. Dog. gave away. around. more. to be available. for. a. publicity stunt.

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