Olivia Newton-John’s daughter shares heartbreaking quote about grief

Olivia Newton-John died Aug. 8 after living with breast cancer for three decades, her family announced on her Instagram. The “Grease” star and musician left behind a legacy that includes not only a fruitful career for which she will always be remembered, but also years of activism in finding new ways to treat and support cancer patients. She also left behind a loving husband, John Easterling, to whom Newton-John dedicated her last Instagram post, and their only child, Chloe Lattanzi.

Newton-John welcomed Chloe in 1986, a year after marrying Matt Lattanzi, her co-star in the 1980 musical fantasy “Xanadu,” People reported. Newton-John and Matt divorced in 1995 but remained close for Chloe’s sake. “We made a pact that she was the most important thing in our lives and that we would never fight over her,” Newton-John told the Daily Mail. Her devotion to her daughter paid off as Newton-John and Chloe shared a close bond that never wavered.

In 2021, the mother and daughter even teamed up to record a song together, “Window In the Wall,” The Hollywood Reported noted. Newton-John and Chloe were also business partners and ran a cannabis farm in Oregon to research plant medicine. “We even sing to our plants,” Chloe told THR. Now Chloe shares a glimpse of what the grieving process was like for her. And you should have your Kleenexes ready.

Chloe Lattanzi believes grief is an excess of love

Chloe Lattanzi has given much thought to the meaning of grief over the past few weeks and has concluded that grief is essentially an excess of love. “It’s all the love you want to give but can’t,” reads a quote from Jamie Anderson, which she shared via Instagram on Aug. 20. In the caption, Lattanzi included a red heart.

Friends and followers used the comments section to reflect on the graphic’s message. “Mourning never ends. We will always hold her in our hearts… Years will pass and the tears will just flow. It means we loved her SO much,” one offered. Another agreed that grief never goes away, but it changes. “One day our hearts will open and love will flow again. The connection never dies, it really doesn’t,” said the user. Others preferred to send strength and support. “That’s perfect! Thinking of you and your grieving process sweet girl,” wrote Entertainment Tonight’s Leeza Gibbons.

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Since the death of her mother, Lattanzi has honored Olivia Newton-John’s memory. But even before that, Lattanzi often used the platform to express their love. “Always and forever, Mom. I have you. I see you. I’ll go with you to the ends of the earth, no questions asked,” she captioned a June post with the pair.