North West completely stole Paris Fashion Week with one hilarious moment

Kim Kardashian took Paris Fashion Week by storm in July with her daughter North West by her side. The mother-daughter duo have grabbed headlines for their many twin looks, but North is hailed as a “fashion pioneer” herself, according to Harper’s Bazaar. The 9-year-old already seems to have found her own goth-inspired signature style, sporting black army boots and oversized varsity jackets during PFW. As a source recently told Hollywood Life: “North has been to a lot of runway shows over the years, she’s had front row seats since she was a baby but now that she’s older it’s a very different experience , because she’s really into style and very opinionated about fashion.”

North’s fashion sense isn’t the only thing the internet loves. Twitter users snapped up a July 5 video of North directly addressing paparazzi before a PFW event. On their way out, North angrily asks the paps, “Why do you guys have to wait for us all this time?” The video’s uploader quipped, “The Northwest is definitely [Kanye ‘Ye’ West’s] Kid.” Apparently, North was fed up with the photographers. Another video posted by North shows the 9-year-old walking through a sea of ​​paparazzi blurting out, “You guys are homeless!” Yes, she definitely sounds more like her dad in those moments.

The Sass train didn’t stop there for the eldest of Kardashian’s four children; North even showed her open disdain for paparazzi amid a fashion show.

The Northwest has no rest when it comes to paparazzi

Kim Kardashian shared a hilarious tidbit of her, mother Kris Jenner and daughter North West at the Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture runway show on July 6th. In an Instagram slideshow upload on July 7, Kardashian shared a clip of North in the front row holding a piece of paper that said “STOP” as the camera panned to her. “As a mom, I’m so grateful that my daughter is happy to accompany me on my work trips and that I can take her with me and create these memories with my mom,” Kardashian captioned the post. Explaining her daughter’s behavior, the SKIMS founder said, “North must have had it with people taking pictures of her, so she wrote STOP on their invite and held them up, wanting them to just focus on the show.”

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Fans in Kardashian’s comments section praised North for her cheeky sign, with one calling her “my idol” and another writing, “North for President.” However, other fans have expressed concern that North is getting so much media scrutiny. One Twitter user wrote: “Personally, I don’t think it’s healthy for this little girl to be given the spotlight. I feel sorry for her.” Another agreed, suggesting the 9-year-old should instead “play and do kid stuff.”