Nonton Rurouni Kenshin 2021 Full Movie (Latest News)

Nonton Rurouni Kenshin 2021 Full Movie:

After taking part in the Boshin War as the assassin “Hitokiri Battsai,” Himura Kenshin wanders the Japanese countryside in the early Meiji era. He is armed with a reverse blade katana. As restitution for the killings he previously committed, he is providing security and assistance to people in need. When he first arrives in Tokyo in the eleventh year of Meiji (1878), he encounters a young lady named Kamiya Kaoru who is engaged in a struggle with a killer who is slandering the reputation of the swordsmanship school she runs by claiming to be the Hitokiri Battsai.

Kenshin agrees to assist her and vanquishes the fictitious Battsai. Kaoru offers Kenshin a place to stay at her dojo after learning that he is the genuine notorious assassin, observing that he is not as cold-hearted as his reputation would suggest. Sagara Sanosuke, a former Sekih Army soldier, Myjin Yahiko, an orphan from a samurai family who is now living with Kaoru as her pupil, and Takani Megumi, a doctor who was caught up in the opium trade are just a few of the individuals Kenshin accepts and starts building lifetime ties with. Shinomori Aoshi, the previous head of the Oniwabansh, is only one of his many adversaries, both old and new.

After residing at the dojo for a while, Sait Hajime, a former Bakumatsu turned police officer, challenges Kenshin. This difficulty ends up serving as a trial for his successor Shishio Makoto, who intends to annex Japan by toppling the Meiji Government, beginning in Kyoto. Kenshin meets Shishio alone to defeat him because he fears Shishio’s group would attack his buddies.

He meets several of his friends while traveling, including a young Oniwabansh named Makimachi Misao, who decide to support him in his battle. After their initial encounter, Kenshin knows he needs to strengthen himself in order to overcome Shishio without turning into the icy killer he was in the past. As a result, he goes back to the kenjutsu instructor, Hiko Seijr, to acquire the last technique taught at the school. Finally accepting their assistance, he narrowly beats Shishio. Shishio then reaches the limit of his anomalous body state and burns to death. Shinomori stays in Kyoto with the remaining Oniwabansh after making amends.

Yukishiro Enishi, who intends to get retribution, is waiting for Kenshin and his comrades when they get back to Tokyo. At this time, it is made known that Yukishiro Tomoe was the lady Kenshin was supposed to marry during the Bakumatsu. She had originally intended to exact revenge on Kenshin for killing her first fiancé, but instead, they fell in love and he proposed to her. The fact that Tomoe was linked to the Edo guards who sought to murder Kenshin is finally made known. After spotting Tomoe’s trickery, they outwitted her and captured her to use as bait. Kenshin jumped to the victim’s aid.

Even though the ambushers managed to seriously hurt him, Kenshin was able to kill nearly all of them and continue. Then, in the decisive encounter with the gang leader, Kenshin accidently murders Tomoe when she rushes in at the last second to give him a chance to win. Enishi kidnaps Kaoru in retaliation for his sister’s murder and leaves behind a corpse doll that strikingly resembles his sister for Kenshin to discover and briefly lament over. When Kenshin and his pals realized Kaoru was still alive, they set out to save her. Following that, Kenshin and Enishi engage in their last combat, with the former assassin coming out on top. Enishi keeps Tomoe’s journal in a village with his absent father after Misao gives it to him.

After four years, Kenshin marries Kaoru and gives birth to Himura Kenji, his son. Kenshin presents Yahiko with his reverse-blade sword as a token of his newfound inner peace.

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