Noah Cyrus tells of a dark time in her life

Singer Noah Cyrus, the younger sister of fellow musician Miley Cyrus, has opened up about a difficult time in her life. According to Billboard, the “July” artist revealed that she was in a relationship with someone close to her heart, but their time together made their drug addictions possible. Everything for her took a turn for the worse in 2020 when she was dealing with that particular person. “I really was so in love with this person, but we were both so absorbed in substance abuse and we were also in the middle of a pandemic,” she confessed during an interview with Trailblazers Radio (via Billboard).

“Everybody’s anxiety and depression is all trapped in one house and a lot of things are happening for everyone,” Cyrus added. The pandemic has been really tough on the rising star, and most of the time she’s been feeling “lonely and bored,” which only added to her addiction to drugs.

Though Cyrus didn’t directly name who she was dating at the time of her addiction, she began dating rapper Lil Xan in 2018, whose nickname is a reference to the anti-anxiety drugs, per Cosmopolitan. While it’s unclear if that’s the relationship she was referring to, she introduced her boyfriend to this life four years ago — around the same time she was dating the rapper.

Noah Cyrus became addicted to drugs at 18

During an emotional interview with Rolling Stone, Noah Cyrus confessed that she was only 18 when she first started taking Xanax with her then-partner. “I think I wanted to fit in with him,” she admitted. “I wanted to be what he wanted and what he thought was cool and what I thought everyone was doing,” Cyrus added, adding that it quickly became a way for her to admit to her struggles and the reality of what she was going through at the time escape. Another major factor that contributed to her severe drug addiction was her circle of friends. “I was surrounded by people who could easily get it by buying it from people,” Cyrus said. “It just becomes this dark pit, a bottomless pit.” Although this was a very dark time in her life, she has since been on the road to recovery, instead using her experience to inspire her recent work.

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According to NME, the Make Me Cry singer is preparing to release her debut album, The Hardest Part, on July 15. Their lead single “I Burned LA Down” is an open book about their turbulent relationship and the ups and downs they faced during that time. Cyrus is also set to embark on her first European tour.