Nicole Richie’s daughter Harlow is her twin

Nicole Richie is not a normal mom, she is a cool mom. At least that’s how she seems to be. The star (who has no doubt come a long way from her days as the sulking rich kid who starred alongside Paris Hilton in ‘The Simple Life’) is now a happily married mother of two, raising daughter Harlow cared for by her and husband Joel Madden and son Sparrow.

And it sounds like Nicole totally loves being a mom — to the point that she’s even super involved with her kids’ school. “I have the first week of school [stuff] participate in. I volunteer there. I’m all about it,” she told People in September 2019 about her upcoming plans, adding, “I’m flying home [to Los Angeles] to put on my mommy shoes.” Adorable!

The famous daughter of Lionel Richie has also been very open about what she’s learned since becoming a mother for the first time in 2008, and shared some very important motherhood advice. “There is no one way to raise children. There’s no right way to be a mom,” she told People in August 2016, adding, “It depends on your house and your lifestyle. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is not to judge! But it seems like Nicole is basically raising her twin (not literally, of course!) because it’s safe to say that Harlow looks just like her genetically blessed mother.

Joel Madden can’t tell his wife and daughter apart

Nicole Richie’s daughter Harlow looks so much like her famous mother that even Joel Madden teased that he couldn’t tell them apart! The Good Charlotte rocker took to Instagram in 2020 to share a rare snap of Nicole with her daughter posing alongside her half-sister Sofia Richie, and it’s safe to say the trio looked nearly identical. Harlow and Nicole (who was adopted by Lionel Richie when she was 9) arguably looked the most alike in the photo, which showed the girls crouched together as Nicole snapped on her phone. The girls looked so alike that Madden jokingly captioned it, “Who’s Who More” — and fans clearly noticed the similarities, too. “Oh my god these are triplets!!!!” One person commented, while another wrote: “[Harlow] is a mini-me of her mother… beautiful.”

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It seems Harlow is also growing up fast, as the reality star has admitted she’s gotten in hot water with her kids over some of their risque posts in the past. In August 2020, Nicole shared a text message from Harlow or Sparrow on Instagram, drawing her attention to a previous upload in which super rich Nicole used a cat filter on her face and wrote, “This puss puss loves the D.” Nicole’s kids however, clearly disagreed as she captioned it: “HELP! I’m a pre-teen mom and my previous posts have come back to haunt me!”

Nicole Richie’s daughter has her eyes

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden don’t often share snaps of their kids on social media due to privacy concerns, but the few snaps they do share with the world really show how much Harlow resembles her mother. In May, Madden shared several adorable family photos on Instagram while honoring his wife on Mother’s Day, including one showing him with his arm around his daughter. Only her eyes were fully visible, although there is no doubt that Harlow has her mother’s eyes! The musician shared another super cute family photo to Instagram in June 2020, of Nicole posing alongside Harlow and Sparrow with her famous dad Lionel Richie. Nicole and Harlow shared matching smiles as they sat on either side of the ‘All Night Long’ hitmaker, while the black and white photo proved that Harlow also inherited her famous mother’s blonde locks.

It sounds like Nicole passed her big heart on to her little girl too, when she gushed about her daughter in a super cute post for her 13th birthday in January 2021. Brighten up my bedroom with your bright phone screen. Nothing beats watching you become the young woman you are. I’m so happy to be your mom,” she captioned the Instagram upload, which has since been removed, per People.

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One thing is certain. Nicole and Harlow? Both beautiful!