Nicki Swift Asks: Which Leonardo DiCaprio Ex Is Your Favorite? – Exclusive survey

Amid the news of his split from Camila Morrone, fans have been reminiscing about Leonardo DiCaprio’s relationship history. Rivaled perhaps only by John Mayer and Mayer’s ex Taylor Swift, the “Revenant” actor’s list of ex-boyfriends is as long and famous as his filmography — and lately, mercilessly memes. Comprised almost entirely of supermodels and fellow actors of a certain age, many of them well-known in their own right. However, which ex do people like the most because of their relationship with DiCaprio or their own personality and career?

In an exclusive poll conducted via YouTube, Nicki Swift identified DiCaprio’s exes’ fan favorite. Since there are only five poll options, only longtime girlfriends were considered, meaning no rumored affairs (I’m looking at you Naomi). With 18,000 votes and over 100 comments, there was a clear winner — and it might not be who you think.

Fans can’t let go of Blake Lively

Although Blake Lively is one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s better-known exes, she’s not exactly known for being his ex — she still earned a whopping 56% of the votes. Lively has successfully stepped out of DiCaprio’s shadow with her role as Gossip Girl, as well as films like The Town and A Simple Favor. One of the poll’s comments read, “I didn’t even know he dated Blake.” Another explained, “Blake Lively. I’m a huge fan of her films.” Based on the reactions, Lively’s win is likely based on her overall popularity as opposed to the previous relationship. Considering how happy she seems to be with Ryan Reynolds, Lively and DiCaprio’s romance will likely stay in 2011 forever.

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Gisele Bundchen received 28% of the votes in second place. DiCaprio dated the Brazilian supermodel for five years in the early 2000s, making it one of his most well-known relationships. In 2009, Bundchen told Vanity Fair (via E! News), “We’re just not supposed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, but I respect him immensely and wish him all the best.” Of course, the former Victoria’s Secret angel has since shared a very famous former patriot settled down.

Bar Refaeli, Camila Morrone, and Kelly Rohrbach rounded out the poll with 9%, 4%, and 2% of the vote, respectively. While her relationships with DiCaprio also garnered a lot of attention, ultimately, Lively and Bundchen’s star power reigned supreme.