Nicki Swift Asks: What’s your favorite dating reality series? — Exclusive survey

There’s never been a better (or worse) time to be a die-hard romantic. Because in the 21st century, love is in the air. Everywhere you look, it’s on the apps and in the bars. Oh, and hot tip for all single ladies, it’s in the hallways of Home Depot. But for those who like to flirt while lounging in front of the TV, there are dating reality shows. And what a choice!

People fall in love naked, blind and disguised as beasts. Some flash their flesh and end up on a sunny island, while others prefer to find love in the jungle. Many camera-hungry and love-hungry singletons struggle to win a single date, or just walk straight down the aisle without bothering to meet their spouse first. Some cynics believe reality dating shows are dead wrong, but haters will always hate, especially when it comes to love. Sometimes love wins and proves the haters wrong, like the reality TV couples who met on set and are still together.

Whatever your passion poison, there’s a dating reality series for you. Nicki Swift asked readers to pick the dating series they are most in love with. The votes have been cast and there is a firm fan favorite.

Reality dating series fans want to win a red rose

Nicki Swift polled 582 fans of dating reality shows and asked them to vote for their favorite. With 30.24% of the votes, there was a clear winner. 176 viewers can’t get enough of “The Bachelor” even after 26 seasons. “Why are millions of people so captivated by this spectacle of insolence, humiliation, and general female degradation set against a backdrop of cheesy ‘dream date’ clichés?” a Washington Post critic asked after the 2002 premiere. They didn’t know what would follow afterwards.

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When the first season of Married At First Sight aired, people thought the contestants were crazy. However, 122 of our respondents disagree. 20.96% of them can’t get enough of watching two complete strangers meet in the aisle for the first time. Meanwhile, 17.70% prefer their reality romance with a side of tiny thongs and spray tan, hence 103 people vote for “Love Island.”

12.54% of survey respondents believe in the saying “love is blind”, with 73 fans appreciating Nick and Vanessa Lachey’s marriage wisdom on Netflix. “Temptation Island” sits in fifth place with a meager 9.62% of the vote. In last place with 52 votes is “Too Hot To Handle” as 8.93% of responding fans of dating reality series enjoy watching sexy singles desperate to mingle, to keep their zippers closed.