Miley Cyrus’ relationship with father Billy Ray is reportedly taking a turn

Up until recently, it always seemed like Miley Cyrus’ relationship with her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, was the best of both worlds. Not only did they play the Stewarts family on screen in Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana, but their bond in real life was just as close. In addition to recording songs like “Butterfly Fly Away” and “Ready, Set, Don’t Go” together, Billy Ray supported Miley’s controversial choices as her career moved in a more mature direction. After receiving backlash for her revealing “Wrecking Ball” video, he told ET, “It wouldn’t have mattered if Miley wore jeans and a flannel shirt, a tuxedo or a nun’s habit – her vocal performance on the tune reflects it against her roots and her almost God-given talent.” Amen!

As she ditched her Hannah wig for a ‘Bangerz’ pixie cut, it was clear that Miley had long since met and surpassed her dad’s ’90s star power. After Miley’s first attempt at staying sober in 2018, Billy Ray continued to publicly encourage his daughter, telling ET, “Her mind, her instinct, everything is at the top of its game. Sometimes you have to take out the trash. And then you realize what is most important. Whatever’s going on, it’s working for them.”

No matter how much controversy the “Midnight Sky” singer had courted over the years, her father seemed to remain her biggest cheerleader. Unfortunately, following some new family developments, the couple’s enviable relationship is said to be under strain.

Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus are not speaking amid his divorce

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Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus announced their divorce in April after almost 30 years, to the shock of fans worldwide. While the famous parents of Miley and her entertainer siblings had filed lawsuits twice before, in 2010 and 2013, they managed to reconcile and call off both cases. “We both woke up and realized we loved each other and decided we wanted to stay together,” they wrote in a statement to Us Weekly after the second hookup, revealing they were in couples therapy. Unfortunately, the third time seems to be the appeal, as Miley has strong feelings about the breakup of her own.

According to an insider, Miley’s relationship with father Billy Ray has reportedly deteriorated following the divorce, and the singer has sided with her mother, Tish. “Miley is all about peace, but she disagreed with some of the things her dad did. It’s really escalated and they don’t get along very well,” a source told The Sun. “Words have been exchanged about what happened towards the end of Billy and Tish’s marriage and since, but they clearly see things very differently.”

The father and daughter even unfollowed each other on Instagram, but Billy Ray still follows Miley’s ex-husband and “The Last Song” co-star Liam Hemsworth. While Tish and Billy Ray remain estranged, we’re hoping he and Miley can find a way to make things right in their Achy Breaky Hearts.