Miles Teller’s facial scars fully explained

Miles Teller has appeared in some serious commercial and critical hits off the big screen, including “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Whiplash”, “Rabbit Hole” and “Footloose”. as a newcomer to Hollywood, and as he says, it all came down to some very noticeable scars on his face.

“When I started auditioning, people said straight away, ‘Yeah, Miles is a good actor. [but it] It doesn’t make sense that this character has scars,'” Teller told ABC News in 2016. “She [the scars] used to be really bad.” But he credits “Rabbit Hole” director John Cameron Mitchell, who cast him for the breakout role, with realizing that the scars were actually a strength for the character, since his character was in a car accident what happened offscreen was involved.

It turns out that the story behind Teller’s scars is eerily similar to his “Rabbit Hole” character and involved an incident that nearly cost him his life.

Miles Teller’s face was badly injured in an accident in 2007

War Dogs star Miles Teller has revealed he almost never made it into a major Hollywood actor, but it wasn’t for lack of talent. He was involved in a serious car accident that almost took his life and his face was badly scarred. As he told The Guardian in 2016, he was a passenger in a car with friends in 2007 when it skidded off the road at 80mph and rolled over eight times. He was thrown 30 feet from the car and knocked unconscious.

“Everything was fine except for my face,” he told the outlet, noting that doctors told him he would be dead under normal circumstances. Speaking to ABC News, he said the crash left him with facial scars and gravel embedded in his face to this day, along with a broken wrist and 20 staples holding his shoulder together.

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Luckily, after starring alongside Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole, his scars proved an asset to other roles, like 2013’s The Spectacular Now, where a character gets hit by a car, and Whiplash” which also includes a collision scene where Teller’s car rolls with him inside.

As the scars from the 2007 accident heal with laser treatment, it seems like years later, car accidents and facial injuries are reappearing in his life.

Miles Teller had another serious accident in 2016

In 2016, Miles Teller was involved in another scary and dangerous road collision when his Ford Bronco carrying him and then-girlfriend (now wife) Keleigh Sperry was clipped by an Uber driver, per E! News. The Bronco rolled over, but luckily both Teller and Sperry escaped with only minor injuries. “Happy we were able to go away,” he tweeted at the time, to reassure fans he was fine.

TMZ reported at the time that the Fantastic Four actor was so enraged by the incident that he yelled expletives at the other driver and allegedly had to be stopped from hitting her. Pictures of the crash released by the outlet show it was a pretty scary crash, and TMZ later received the 911 call, where Sperry heard emergency services called to the scene.

While the 2016 crash was different than his 2007 crash in terms of injuries, Teller’s precious kisser received further damage when he was reportedly punched in the face in Hawaii in 2021. The alleged attacker was said to be his wedding planner, who claimed he was owed $60,000 for Teller-Sperry’s 2019 wedding.

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