Midnights: Why Lana Del Rey fans have a bone to pick with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s loyal fans were particularly excited when she announced her song featuring Lana Del Rey on Midnights. The highly anticipated collaboration is “Snow on the Beach,” an ethereal title that suits the dreamy lyricists.

Swift said of the song on Instagram, “‘Snow on the Beach’ is about falling in love with someone at the same time they’re falling in love with you. Kind of in that cataclysmic, fateful moment where you realize someone else is feeling exactly how you’re feeling at the same moment.” Swift also sang Del Rey’s praises, calling himself a “huge Lana Del Rey fan.” Naturally the feeling is mutual — and the two are longtime friends, and Swift shared an adorable candidness about the couple on release night.

Unfortunately, some Del Rey fans aren’t too happy with Swift now that “Snow on the Beach” is finally available for public listening pleasure. Some even accuse her of being downright shady!

Lana Del Rey fans think Taylor Swift got her dirty

Taylor Swift’s new album is already being met with a lot of fanfare, but not all fans are happy with every track. Most importantly, Lana Del Rey’s fans feel her contributions to Snow on the Beach should have been more substantive. “Taylor Swift is going to hell for not giving Lana a full verse about snow on the beach,” one fan tweeted. Another fan felt Swift used Del Rey. “She’s just using Lana’s name for more attention and streams,” tweeted another disaffected fan. Suggesting a different angle, one fan suggested that Swift’s insecurities affected the song’s arrangement, tweeting, “This woman won’t have another girl that.” beats her on a song. She’s too insecure. She only ever gives full verses to men she works with.”

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While Swift’s motives are all her own, we’re assuming she had only the best of intentions for Del Rey. Also, the “Midnights” promo tour is far from the first time Swift has had glowing things to say about the “Born to Die” singer. During her acceptance speech for Billboard’s Woman of the Decade award, Swift gushed about Del Rey’s influence on music. “Her vocal style, her lyrics, her aesthetic: they were reflected and reused throughout the music,” she said, per UPROXX.

However, as the Genius Lyric Breakdown proves, Rey doesn’t get solo lines on “Snow on the Beach” — and every line she sings is credited to both her and Swift.