Meghan McCain reveals who the View co-host blamed for her exit

Some people know Meghan McCain as the daughter of the late Senator John McCain, while others know her for some of their fiery feuds on The View. Anyway, most know that she’s not afraid to speak her mind. McCain joined the cast of The View in 2017. But like several others in the revolving door of co-hosts, she only lasted four years before eventually leaving the series on Parade. McCain made her 2021 exit announcement on air, telling audiences she just wanted to “rip the band-aid off,” per ABC News. “It wasn’t an easy decision. It has taken a lot of thought, counsel and prayer and talking to my family and close friends,” she confessed.

Since leaving the series, McCain hasn’t been shy about sharing her displeasure. In an interview with Variety, she claimed her time on the show was “toxic” and a bad experience overall. “I feel like everyone knows that. You can watch the show and see that it’s messed up and disorganized and rowdy,” McCain shared. “For me personally, it felt extremely isolating because of my political ideology. I was the only conservative on the show.” She also noted that she felt like she had “post-traumatic stress” from her feuds with former President Donald Trump.

The producers of The View have finally found McCain’s replacement, but that still doesn’t stop the outspoken star from taking action against her former employer.

Joy Behar is the reason Meghan McCain left The View

Meghan McCain hasn’t left her job at The View on the best of terms. And guess what? She doesn’t hold back anything about her bad experiences. In early August, McCain sat down for an interview with The Commentary Magazine Podcast and spilled some tea on her exit from the sometimes controversial morning show. When asked about the specific reason she left, McCain pointed the finger at former co-host Joy Behar. As fans know, these two have a long history of on-air spats, and tensions were high.

McCain explained that when she returned from maternity leave, Behar gave her a less than warm welcome. “I eventually went back to the show, and the day I went back to the show, Joy Behar said on the air, ‘No one missed you, we didn’t miss you, you shouldn’t have come back,'” McCain recalled. “And I… I just started crying hysterically. Sorry gentlemen, I know I started lactating on air and I started crying.” To make matters worse, McCain vomited after the ordeal in her office. She didn’t feel supported by her co-stars and her brother convinced her to do her best and quit.

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McCain seems to have been spending a lot of time with daughter Liberty since leaving The View, and she frequently posts photos with her mini-me on social media. She’s also worked hard promoting her book, Bad Republican, which she’s incredibly proud of.