Meghan Markle is pausing her career after the Queen’s death

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in the headlines after the tragic death of Queen Elizabeth II. The couple were visiting the UK and Germany when the monarch died, and many are watching the royal family follow the Queen’s death. Some royal observers are wondering what Meghan will do next, as her August interview with The Cut and the Archetypes podcast caused a lot of drama.

In fact, a royal expert is speculating about Harry and Meghan’s PR hype after the Queen’s death. Royal journalist Kinsey Schofield, the founder of To Di For Daily, exclusively told Nicki Swift that she believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are making changes to their strategy. “Several of her previous episodes referenced negative experiences and if she continues to discuss these, it could become a PR nightmare for the Sussexes.”

Despite this, the royal expert believes there is a chance for Harry, Prince William and King Charles III to heal their wounds. Schofield added, “I’m seeing a reconciliation … Once they feel comfortable in their new roles and feel like they’re moving in a positive direction, they’ll likely be open to getting involved again.” Positive news! In addition, it is reported that Meghan is pausing her career after the death of the Queen.

Meghan Markle puts podcast on hold, cancels media after Queen’s death

Meghan Markle has put her controversial podcast on hold and canceled a major media appearance following the Queen’s death. An inside source told Page Six that Meghan canceled an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Sept. 20. “Meghan was supposed to appear on Fallon,” the Sussex source told Page Six. “I don’t even know what she wanted to talk about, but that’s obviously canceled now.” In addition to canceling her appearance on Fallon, the next episode of her Spotify podcast, Archetypes, due out on Tuesday, September 13, has been canceled. postponed. It seems Meghan could be trying to cool down the feud between Harry and his family.

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The New York Times reported on King Charles III’s first speech. In his speech, the new king said: “I would also like to express my love for Harry and Meghan as they continue to build their lives abroad.” Some pundits saw the speech as an olive branch for the Sussexes. Prince Harry and Meghan are expected to remain in the UK until after the Queen’s funeral on September 19. For those who might have missed it over the years, Harry and Queen Elizabeth were very close, and the Queen had a soft spot for her grandson, Harry.