Meghan Markle had a big impact on Alexandra Daddario’s wedding

Alexandra Daddario was first spotted with an engagement ring in December 2021 after her future husband Andrew Form popped the question. The film producer was previously married to Jordana Brewster for 13 years, per E! News. The Baywatch star and Form tied the knot on June 30, and Daddario announced the nuptials on Instagram, sharing a few snaps from their wedding day that showed off their elegant yet relaxed outfits.

The lovers had their ceremony in New Orleans, but that wasn’t always the plan. “Originally we wanted to get married in Italy because I wanted to drink Italian wine for three days,” Daddario told Vogue in an interview published on their wedding day. Eventually, the couple decided to take a step back and opted for a more casual affair. “We wanted it to be about music, drinking, and authentic New Orleans,” she told the outlet. The wedding in NOLA not only affected the atmosphere of the reception, but also influenced the wardrobe of the “White Lotus” star. “I chose my dress because it felt like it belonged in New Orleans and was the right choice for the Louisiana heat,” she told Vogue.

The actor went to designer Danielle Frankel to choose a wedding dress and settled on the third one, which she tried on. “I don’t want to get too obsessed with clothes,” Daddario told People in July. However, there was one particular detail of her wardrobe that was influenced by Meghan Markle.

Alexandra Daddario imitated Meghan Markle

For her wedding, Alexandra Daddario wore a silk and wool gown that perfectly complemented the New Orleans backdrop. To pull her outfit together, the San Andreas actress wore “something blue” inspired by a royal wedding. “I’m obsessed with Meghan Markle,” Daddario told People in July. “She wore an aquamarine ring which I believe is from Princess Diana’s collection,” said the actor, reflecting on the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding attire. “Mine was less fancy, but I had a big blue teal ring that copied Meghan Markle,” she added. The royal-inspired ring Daddario wore featured prominently in the wedding anniversary post she uploaded to Instagram on June 30. On the second slide, the “Percy Jackson” actor shared a hickey with her husband while making the ring highly visible while she held an umbrella in that hand.

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As Daddario mentioned, Meghan Markle’s aquamarine ring was part of Princess Diana’s personal collection and was passed on to her sons after her untimely death. Markle wore the eye-catching ring as her “something blue” during her wedding to Prince Harry in 2018. flanked by smaller solitaire diamonds,” diamond expert Daniel O’Farrell told Express in July.

Although a ring of this caliber would normally cost in the high five figures, Markle’s ring – passed down by Princess Di – would be priceless for its historical value. Daddario wasn’t the only one impressed by Markle’s dazzling ring, either.

Alexandra Daddario’s Previous Meghan Markle Fixation

Meghan Markle’s aquamarine ring, originally worn by Princess Diana and worn by the Duchess of Sussex at her wedding, caught the attention of many viewers alongside Alexandra Daddario. In fact, chatter about the ring was so high that Hello! published an article with a guide to locating inexpensive facsimiles of the acclaimed ring.

Long before Daddario’s wedding and even before she was engaged, the When We First Met star had spoken out about her admiration for Markle. Apparently, the former “Suits” actor may have once disrupted Daddario’s workout routine. “She came to New York last weekend and went to a yoga place called Modo Yoga, that’s my yoga place,” Daddario said on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2019. The actor feared word of mouth would ruin her yoga sanctuary. “Now that she’s gone there, everyone will want to go there.” However, Daddario added that she would love to share a workout room with the royal family member. “She can sweat on me. I don’t mind… That would be okay.”

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