Meghan Markle gets embarrassed by Mariah Carey’s diva comments

Meghan Markle’s Archetypes podcast, available exclusively on Spotify, is making waves with fans and critics alike. Although Meghan’s successor to Serena Williams, who appeared in the premiere episode of Archetypes, is none other than Mariah Carey, it’s not just the star power of Markle’s guests that gets the conversation started; Rather, it is the open deep dives that occur. While the two touched on many important topics like their upbringing and multiracial background, Carey’s claim that Markle — who is not only an actor and philanthropist, but is also married to Prince Harry — was a “diva” had the otherwise lively conversation screeching Stop.

During “The Diva Duality with Mariah Carey,” Markle spoke about how the term “diva” carries negative connotations and how it forms a big part of Carey’s identity as a singer. “I think it’s really important for people to remember that this persona could exist,” Markle said. “And yes, the diva thing we can play into. I mean it’s not something I connect with. But it, for you it’s…” When Markle trailed off, Carey interjected, “You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan, don’t pretend [you don’t].” Surprised, Markle promptly followed suit and asked, “What diva moments have I given you?”

The “Honey” singer then clarified that she wasn’t referring to Markle’s personality, but instead to her physical appearance. Given Markle’s uncomfortable history with the British media, Carey’s comment prompted her to further explain her reaction at the end of the episode.

Meghan Markle was offended by the comment

It’s no secret that Meghan Markle has had a lot of issues with how the media perceives her, not how she perceives herself. After Markle finished her interview with Mariah Carey, she included a short audio clip at the end that summarized Carey’s “diva” comment. First, the ‘Suits’ actor gushed about Carey, explaining that she needed to “soften” her fangirl reaction around her. She continued, “Everything was going smoothly, I mean really well, until that moment happened that…stopped me in my tracks…when she called me…a diva.” According to Markle, her “mind” spun as she tried to figure out what “nonsense” Carey had read about her to come to such a conclusion. However, she later clarified after Carey’s clarification: “She was talking about the way I dress. The posture, the clothes. The quote is unseemly fabulous the way she sees it.”

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Markle ended the podcast by coming full circle on the episode’s topic: “[Carey] thought it chic, so sophisticated. And how a very charged word can mean something to each of us.” Despite the slight awkwardness, Markle has a lot to celebrate as “Archetypes” has already rocketed to the top of the Spotify charts, according to People.