Megan Hilty breaks the record for reports of the tragic deaths of her family members

While Lea Michele makes a surprise stage comeback in Funny Girl, another Broadway icon mourns a family tragedy. On Sept. 6, TMZ reported that Megan Hilty’s sister, brother-in-law and young child died in a plane crash on Sept. 4. In a statement, the ‘Wicked’ and ‘Smash’ actor said: “The last three days have been the worst of our lives. There really are no words to adequately express the depth of our sorrow.” The plane being boarded by Hilty’s family crashed into Puget Sound off Whidbey Island 30 miles outside of Seattle, also killing the pilot and six other passengers, according to KIRO 7 .

Friends, fans and colleagues of Hilty and her family offered their kind words and support, with ‘Frozen’ actor Josh Gad saying: “My heart is breaking in a way words cannot describe for my friend @meganhilty and her family . What is really unthinkable tragedy. Please join me as I send them love and light.” Washington Gov. Jay Inslee also commented, “[My wife] Trudi and I are devastated at the loss of the occupants of the plane that crashed near Whidbey Island this weekend. Our hearts are with their families and communities today.”

Hilty originally planned to mourn privately, but some inaccuracies in the early reports forced her to speak publicly. By correcting the mistakes, she hopes to honor her family’s memory in the right way.

Megan Hilty’s latest post corrects reporting errors

In an Instagram post, Megan Hilty publicly acknowledged the tragic plane crash that killed her sister Lauren, brother-in-law Ross Mickel and nephew Remy. As well as addressing her loss, she took the opportunity to clear up some misinformation spread by early reports of the accident: “It is important that these details are corrected to save everyone we have lost and to respectfully honor the loved ones they left behind. “

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Hilty first revealed some key information that some sources left out: “To make this news even more devastating, my sister was eight months pregnant and we were expecting to welcome baby boy Luca into the world next month.” The late family Also leaves behind a daughter, Hilty’s niece, whose name and information the actor wishes to keep secret. On the subject of her nephew Remy, whom some initially referred to as her niece, Hilty said, “The last thing I wanted to do was publicly acknowledge this painful family tragedy, but it’s come to my attention that several news outlets have misrepresented my sweet nephew’s gender and some didn’t even mention baby Luca.”

With Luca and the family’s surviving daughter, two more lives are now affected by the crash. While Hilty shouldn’t have issued a statement at all, hopefully clarifying the details will give her some peace of mind as she grieves.