Megan Fox raises eyebrows with the latest confession about dating Machine Gun Kelly

Back in April, Megan Fox proved her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly was as strong as ever when she reaffirmed her love for the chart-topper on his birthday. The Hollywood star took to her Instagram account on April 22 to recall a story MGK’s mother told her. She wrote, “As a baby you were both ‘cuddly and fussy’ and I couldn’t have thought of a better way to describe you,” before describing his “gentle beautiful heart” and calling him “the most unique person I’ve ever met have.” As if that wasn’t enough, Fox and MGK also got tattoos to prove their Hollywood relationship is far from fake. Fox told Britain’s GQ in 2021 that they have tattoos that read “The Darkest Fairy Tale” because the phrase “alludes to one of the first text messages we ever sent each other.” Perhaps most surprisingly, Fox even admitted that she and Kelly sometimes drink each other’s blood.

Now Fox has made another surprising confession about their romance.

Megan Fox wanted to know if Machine Gun Kelly was breastfed as a child

Sometimes first dates involve light conversations that allow two people to get to know each other, such as B. their favorite pizza or the last true crime series they may have played on Netflix. Well, Megan Fox apparently took it a step further when she asked Machine Gun Kelly some pretty “deep” questions about his life, including whether or not he was breastfed. That’s because she seemed to want to learn more about the psychology behind his temper. Speaking to E! News In a new interview, Fox put it this way, “If you know me and I know you, it’s impossible for me not to know almost everything about you.”

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MGK apparently didn’t mind being asked that question at all, because when the two were quizzed about each other during their UK GQ interview, Fox answered every question about her boyfriend. He said at the time, “If you see my ‘Jeopardy!’ would be! partner you would honestly win every single category. You’re an almanac, encyclopedia, and dictionary all rolled into one.” It sounds like Fox doesn’t just want to love her partner, she wants to know everything about him, including his shoe size, the last meal he ate, and maybe even the grades on his First class certificate.