Mariah Carey doubles down on Meghan Markle diva’s comment

Meghan Markle’s podcast “Archetypes” has made a star debut. With just two episodes out, the Duchess of Sussex has chatted up the likes of Serena Williams and Mariah Carey. According to the show’s description on Spotify, the podcast seeks to “examine, dissect and subvert” labels typically assigned to women in derogatory ways.

Obviously, the label Markle tackled with Carey had to be “Diva.” The name has long been associated with the singer, and outlets like Grazia compile lists of her greatest diva moments. Carey seems to have embraced the title and immediately gave it to Markle as well. After the “Suits” actor shared that it was never a word she felt connected to, Carey stepped in. “You give us diva moments sometimes, Meghan,” she said. “Not once.”

Markle seemed surprised and confirmed her surprise as she wrapped the episode. However, Carey has doubled down.

Mariah Carey continues to reclaim the Diva title

Mariah Carey seemed to completely get the message from Meghan Markle’s podcast. Although the Duchess is shocked by the “diva” label, Carey claims the name doesn’t have to be an insult. Carey took to Twitter to take to the podcast and wrote: “Really enjoyed speaking with Duchess and Diva Meghan Markle on ‘The Duality of the Diva.’ Yes! I literally called her a diva!!!”

Despite her initial misgivings, Markle seemed to come up with the name, too. “It stopped me… when she called me a diva,” mused Markle at the end of the show. She shared that she immediately feared Carey had read something negative about her online, but eventually realized the term could be empowering.

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Fans seemed to love the diva crossover. “The episode was amazing Mariah,” wrote one. “Thanks for the long overdue chat on such an important topic.” Another chimed in, “An icon praising another icon #WomenSupportingWoman.”