Lisa Rinna’s feud with the cast of RHODubai comes to an unexpected end

Lisa Rinna is such a powerful Real Housewife that she’s managed to expand her feuds beyond Beverly Hills borders and burst into the cast of The Real Housewives of Dubai. The whole mess started when, in response to a feud between her co-stars Garcelle Beauvais and Diana Jenkins, Rinna wrote in a now-deleted Instagram Story (via Today), “We fight on our show, if we fight with Garcelle, we are.” everyone suddenly called a racist.” On a second slide, Rinna added, “And if you’re just so triggered by our show and a lot of you are p*****s, go to [Real Housewives of] Dubai.”

As might be expected, this didn’t sit well with the Dubai wives, including Chanel Ayan, who tweeted: “Rinna Africa called and they want their lips back! Keep Dubai out of your mess and your mouth.” Hooray. We know how much Real Housewives Fans love drama, so keep scrolling to see how this one is shaping up.

Lisa Rinna backed away

Lisa Rinna eventually pulled out after spitting with the Real Housewives of Dubai crew. Rinna has been known to occasionally mouth a little too much, and on occasion she really takes responsibility. Rinna took to the Notes app (where else?) and responded to criticism of her Instagram Story by saying she never intended her comments to be recorded as they were. Her statement, posted to Twitter, continued: “Just had a chance to have a nice chat with Caroline Brooks. Caroline, thanks for the open dialogue and conversation.” Rinna continued her Twitter apology tour by adding that she also spoke to fellow Dubai housewives Lesa Milan and Chanel Ayan.

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For her part, Brooks then tweeted: “I explained how this post made us feel and why it might be taken differently depending on how it’s spelled, and she apologized. I hold no grudges.” Brooks added in another tweet, “We are all entitled to our feelings so I totally understand that some of you are unwilling to forgive and move on. However, I certainly encourage you to do so, because resentment and hate carry too much of a burden.”

So it looks like this will be the end of the cross-continental “housewives” feud. Or, as Rinna tweeted, “And… scene.”