Law And Order Star Just Made Disturbing Allegations Against Chris Noth

The Hollywood Reporter released an exposé regarding Chris Noth, the star of “Sex and the City,” on December 16. According to the site, two women, one from 2004 and the other from 2015, have come forward with allegations that Noth sexually abused them. Both women, who requested anonymity, remembered times when Noth was inappropriate. The media site said that Noth raped one of the ladies “from behind,” while the other lady spoke of her emotional sexual experience with the actor. Noth debunked the accusations in a statement that was made public. He stated that the interactions were consensual before calling the women’s accusations “completely untrue.” It’s difficult to not wonder about the timing of these tales’ publication. I am unsure of why these are coming to light at this time, but I am positive of one thing: I did not abuse these ladies.

Another actor came out with unsettling accusations a few hours after The Hollywood Reporter’s report was published. This time, the accusations were made by a person who collaborated with Noth on the “Law & Order” set. She shared her Noth-related experiences on Instagram.

Zoe Lister-Jones claims she saw Chris Noth acting inappropriately at a club.

On the first episode of “And Just Like That,” actor Zoe Lister-Jones stated that she was “relieved” to learn that Chris Noth’s Mr. Big, played by John James Preston, had passed away. Lister-Jones remembered working with Noth years ago in a club in New York City. According to Lister-Jones, “he was routinely sexually inappropriate with a fellow female promoter on the rare occasions he did turn up.” Although it’s unclear whose club this occurred at, Noth did co-own The Cutting Room, which, according to The New York Times, shut down in 2008.

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Lister-Jones continued by describing the time she appeared as a guest on Law & Order. “No one was intoxicated on set. He kept a 22-ounce beer under the table for between-takes consumption during the scene when I was being interrogated, according to Lister-Jones. On set, she said that Noth once approached her enough to smell her and remarked that she smelt “nice.” “When compared to the instances of assault that have been bravely recounted today, my experiences are minor.” Predation navigation is a weight that all women must carry. In most cases, there is also no responsibility and no repercussion. Chris Noth capitalized on what women perceived Mr. Big to be: a dream. She ended her lengthy Instagram post by writing, “F*** Mr. Big.”