Laverne Cox has the best reaction to being mistaken for Beyoncé

let’s be honest Being mistaken for Beyoncé is pretty much THE dream for every one of us. Making someone think we’re the Queen Bey, the superwoman with the beautiful family, dream career and $500 million bank account, according to Celebrity Net Worth? Yes, that sounds pretty good to us. But it’s probably even better if you’re a total superfan like Laverne Cox.

The former ‘Orange Is The New Black’ star has made no secret of how much she admires the ‘Break My Soul’ hitmaker, having gushed about the superstar in multiple interviews over the years. Cox even opened up about how she would try to channel the star when she appeared in the 2016 TV remake of ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show,’ telling Cosmopolitan when she was tired she would be like, “‘Beyoncé.’ Beyoncé does that.’ You just have to put in the work.” Cox added, “Beyoncé represents excellence. Her work ethic is like no other I’ve seen.” Not only has Cox gushed about Beyoncé on numerous occasions, she even hooked up with her in 2017 to make it happen modeling for an Ivy Park campaign, and she totally smashed it, by the way.

But while we know Cox loves her a little Queen Bey (and, hey, who doesn’t?), how does she actually feel about being mistaken for the mother-of-three?

Laverne Cox in a mask looks just like Beyoncé

Sorry Beyoncé fans! But that wasn’t Queen Bey you saw cheering on Serena Williams at the US Open. While we know Williams and Beyoncé are close, it was actually Laverne Cox who wore a face mask in the audience — and she had a blast with this mistaken identity case. “Not that I get mixed up with @Beyonce at tonight’s #USOpen and then trend on Twitter while the internet cackles about the mistaken identity,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a quick shot of Twitter from the tennis match. “These tweets are funny as hell. Enjoy!!!”

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Many fans had a blast with the mistaken identity case on Twitter and one wrote: “The second biggest winner tonight: Laverne Cox who was mistaken for Beyoncé all night. Which is a career highlight for literally anyone.” Another wrote, “I know Laverne Cox is cocky as hell right now and should be because if I was mistaken for Beyoncé on national TV I would never shut up.” We also!

However, this is not the first time this has happened. Cox — who has admitted Beyoncé is her hair inspiration — actually opened up about being mistaken for Beyoncé in 2019, per Allure, admitting, “We don’t look alike.” She admitted that sometimes people don’t like her black skin and seeing her blonde hair and automatically assuming she’s Beyoncé, adding, “She made everything up because she’s Beyoncé. So in a way it’s a compliment.”